Hello! Truck Dispatch Service – employee owned international company providing remote dispatching with full support for trucks owned companies in USA. We are offering to relocate your dispatch operation center in order to reduce your expenses for dispatching needs and get a high quality dispatching team for LESS COST. Set up with legal agreement for our service and we fill out W-8 form as carrier employee, and getting salary 2,5% of gross with SWIFT transfer, so you will count this salary as expenses and reduce you taxes. , supporting drivers and truck owners during whole trip from picks to drops, after hours and weekend support, building solutions in case of forced situations such as loads cancellation, missing appointments, detentions, layovers, technical issues and breakdowns, other emergency situations. All members of our dispatching team have 1+ years of experience, high level of trading and negotiating skills, polite and aggressive (if needs) communication skills, great experience with resolving conflict situation and solution building, with high responsibility, logistics technical knowledge, fluent Eng. Rus. and are high motivated. Every dispatcher is signed for certain driver, and serves as “personal dispatcher”, taking loads regarding personal needs, capabilities or limitations, personal skills and schedule of certain driver. Truck owner participate for each loading agreement, all details of rate confirmations are subject to discuss with capacity owner and done with owner permission only. Truck owner getting rate confirmation to his personal e-mail box directly from broker or direct shipper and has unlimited access to dispatcher’s e-mail box, so can check at any time all legal e-mail communication between counter agent and dispatcher. Our office is filled with latest technical development equipment what allow us to provide great and quality service and 24/7 communication for remote dispatching. Let’s try and get more profit together! Best regards! [email protected]