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Educational courses in Tampa, FL

8 объявлений отсортированных по популярности
Dance Glamour Ballroom dance lessons Artur Kozuń Monika Pyrgiel
Hi! We are Artur Kozun and Monika Pyrgiel - a team of passionate ballroom dancing enthusiasts. We would like to invite you to our classes, where you w...
Educational courses
Tampa, FL
Igor, Train Boxing and Kickboxing


Hi there! I'm Igor, the world champion in kickboxing. ⭐️ I do boxing and kickboxing. Sparring; practice pad techniques only with you; improving...
Sport sections
FBA and WHOLESALE training
Good day! We offer individual online and offline training on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and wholesale purchasing. We also provide personal advice for...
Educational courses
Miami, FL
Swimming lessons for adults and children
Special equipment for sailing at sea and classic styles. You will learn to swim without getting tired (you don't need to be in good shape), you won't...
Sport sections
Online Java Courses
Turn your passion for technology into a professional advantage with our online Java and web development courses! We offer modern tools and materials t...
Educational courses
Programming, robotics and math school for children from 4 to 15 years old and an internship at 16
Main areas: Fundamentals of creating games for children aged 4-6; Programming in Minecraft; Creating games in Roblox Studio; Robotics for children fro...
Tanya Easy English
Let's start learning together! BFF English language classes in a mini-group. The course starts within a week The cost is only $85 per month of study A...
Language classes
Oksana, English from Scratch
Do you want to learn English from scratch and become talkative? We are here to help you achieve this goal! With our knowledge, you will get: Career gr...
Tutor services

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