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CDL work in the USA

All America
Released 19 January 2023
Transportation Company KWA INC. will hire CDL drivers. Pay holidays Platne Detention and Layovers Pay all miles from the counter For team drivers payable weeklies min $4400 -$5000 guaranteed in 5 days W More..
Released 29 November 2023
CDL Drivers Welcome, Great Pay and Lots of Miles!New Volvo, Freightliner trucks 2021-2024 with all the amenities.Requirements:A desire to work. We will train!$0.75 per mile, SOLO!Pay for all milesTrailer Dry va More..
California and more 10
Released 27 October 2023
$0.75 per mile or 30% of gross! CDL drivers are welcome, high pay! SOLO/TEAM Many miles! New Volvo trucks, Freightliner 2021-2023 with all the amenities! Trailer: Dry Van Requirements: at least 3 months of exp More..
Released 29 November 2023
$12000 In a week
The company has all the tools to maximize earnings for a driver Gross UP TO $12000 depends on the driver's efforts! 30% off GROSS or 0.70cpm Up to 5,000 miles a week Dry Van, Reefer+CLEAN CHECK BONUSES! If poss More..
California and more 18
Released 08 November 2023
$2600 - $4400 In a week
CDL A Drivers are welcome! MAKE CLEAN MONEY IN A BAD MARKET! Branded new trucks are equipped with all amenities! Trailer: Dry Van Requirements: WE ACCEPT WITH EXPERIENCE IN EUROPE! REFERRAL BONUS!! For more inf More..
Illinois and more 2
Released 08 November 2023
$12000 Per month
CDL A Drivers are welcome! MAKE CLEAN MONEY IN A BAD MARKET! Branded new trucks are equipped with all amenities! Trailer: Dry Van Requirements: WE ACCEPT WITH EXPERIENCE IN EUROPE! REFERRAL BONUS!! For more inf More..
California and more 4
Released 08 November 2023
CDL A Drivers are welcome! MAKE CLEAN MONEY IN A BAD MARKET! Branded new trucks are equipped with all amenities! Trailer: Dry Van Requirements: WE ACCEPT WITH EXPERIENCE IN EUROPE! REFERRAL BONUS!! Bring home $ More..
Illinois and more 3
Released 06 November 2023
We are looking for a motivated driver to join a large transportation company! Fast hiring process, start driving as soon as possible.   Job details: 2-3 days off after each trip + additional days upon pri More..
California and more 2
Released 04 December 2023
$10000 - $18000 In a week
For drivers:30% of gross depending on miles 4000-5000 milesor more, per week We give trucks in liz,all details by phone Trucky08/2021Amazon Line:Gross 88% for OWNER OPERATORS Insurance $400-450 depending on the More..
Released 04 December 2023
We invite Drivers with a CDL A license and at least 1 year of experience for 30% of Gross. And with at least 2 years of experience for 32% of Gross Trailer: Dry Van Conditions: Fuel discount 60-80 cpm 2022+ tru More..
California and more 13
Released 03 December 2023
$8000 - $15000 In a week
For Company Drivers: Weekly payment for Solo: 65 cpm or 28% Weekly payment for Team: 75 cpm or 30% Freightliner and Volvo with all equipment For Owner Operators: 88% of Gross (honest gross, no cuts from rate) W More..
Released 02 October 2023
$4000 In a week
A&M Carriers Inc invites CDL A drivers! New trucks from 2020 to 2023, equipped with all amenities! Trailers: Lowboy Stepdeck Flatbed There are trucks in LEASE! Conditions: Up to 3,500 miles a week. Logbook More..
California and more 38
Released 30 November 2023
We offer: Payment is 75 cpm or 30% of the gross LogBook 24/7 support Dispatch assistance 24/7 $1500 Sing up bonus (after 3 months of work) $1500 Christmas bonus (assuming the driver has worked for a year witho More..
California and more 4
Released 09 December 2022
$9000 In a week
MIC TRANSPORTATION invites CDL A drivers!We have no downtime!New trucks, equipped with all amenities!Trailers: Flatbed, Stepdeck, ConestogaRequirements:Experience from 6 months!Clean record!Payment: 30% of gros More..
Florida and more 4
Released 06 November 2023
Auto Transport Chicago has been in the trucking market for more than 10 years. Our fleet is over 200 trucks. Since we specialize in transporting cars on pickup trucks with an open triple, the company decided to More..
California and more 9
Released 26 October 2023
What we offer:Leasing program:New 2021-2024 Freightliner/Volvo trucksLease: $850 + 0.12 cpm and 18% of Dry Ven gross or 20% of Reefer/Flatbed gross.Routes of your choiceDirect rate confirmation f More..
California and more 9
Released 29 November 2023
$9000 - $11000 In a week
UGN Logistics is looking for flatbed drivers with at least 1 year of experienceStart from Philadelphia, PA.Conditions:Driver pay is up to 33% from grossExperienced dispatchersRate cons directly from brokerNo fo More..
California and more 9
Released 20 November 2023
WE'RE HIRING! HOT SHOTWe are looking for a CDL/NON CDL DRIVER AND OWNER OPERATOR30% of gross for drivers$6,000 gross per weekConditions:90% of gross amountFull fuel discount Direct deposit onFriday Shipping to More..
California and more 13
Released 08 November 2023
Reefer |
We need responsible guys. We go everywhere! Requirements: It is possible without experience Clean Record We go everywhere (you can't refuse the cargo) Schedule 5/2 (4 weeks work 1 vacation) Conditions: 27% of G More..
Released 28 November 2023
$8000 - $11000 In a week
Volvo 2021 truck with automatic transmission. Flatbed trailer. Requirements: At least 1 year of experience; Basic English; Conditions: 28% - 30% of gross or $0.70 per mile; Experienced 24/7 dispatchers; We also More..
California and more 14
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Work in the U.S. for truckers: opportunities, requirements

For individuals interested in the transportation sector, employment as a truck driver in the United States provides a variety of options and can be a satisfying career decision. Since it is in charge of safely and effectively moving commodities throughout the nation, trucking is essential to the American economy. There are a few prerequisites and things to think about if you want to work as a truck driver in the US.

Because there is such a large need for freight transportation, there are many opportunities for truckers in the United States. The need for truck drivers is still quite high due to the expansion of e-commerce and the requirement for swift and effective delivery of products. In order to accommodate varied lifestyles, trucking businesses frequently provide competitive pay, perks, and a range of routes and schedules.

In order to become a trucker in the US, you normally need to have the following qualifications:

  1. License for Commercial Vehicles (CDL). A critical first step for aspirant truck drivers is getting a CDL. To drive big vehicles, such commercial trucks, you need a specialist license. State-specific requirements for CDL training and testing vary, but often include both a written knowledge test and a skills test.

  2. Required Age. States have different requirements for the minimum age to get a CDL and drive a truck. For intrastate (inside the state) driving, the legal age is 18; for interstate (beyond state boundaries), it is 21.

  3. Medical Certification. To ensure the safety of truck drivers and others on the road, truckers are required to undergo a medical examination and obtain a medical certification. This certification confirms that they are physically fit to drive a commercial vehicle.

  4. Clean Driving Record. Having a clean driving record is essential when pursuing a career in trucking. Trucking companies typically conduct background checks and review driving records to ensure the safety and reliability of their drivers.

  5. Drug and Alcohol Testing. Prior to being hired, truckers are usually required to pass a drug and alcohol screening. Additionally, random drug and alcohol tests may be conducted during employment.

Regarding schools for drivers, there are numerous truck driving schools across the U.S. that offer training programs to help individuals obtain their CDL and develop the necessary skills for a career in trucking. These schools provide classroom instruction as well as hands-on training, teaching aspiring truckers about safety regulations, vehicle maintenance, navigation, and other essential skills.

Some well-known truck driving schools in the U.S. include:

  • Commercial Vehicle Training Center (CVTC): CVTC is a reputable truck driving school with multiple locations across the country. They offer comprehensive training programs and often have partnerships with trucking companies, providing job placement assistance to graduates.

  • Another well-known truck driving school with sites around the country is Roadmaster Drivers School. They are known for creating qualified and experienced truck drivers and provide a variety of CDL training programs, including those for Class A and Class B licenses.

  • National Truck Driving School: Since 1978, National Truck Driving School has offered CDL instruction. They give hands-on training with contemporary tools and qualified teachers through programs catered to various CDL categories.

It's important to research and choose a reputable truck driving school that meets your needs and aligns with your career goals. These schools can provide the necessary training and support to help aspiring truckers kick-start their careers on the right path.

How truck drivers can find work with a CDL license?

There are several employment opportunities in the transportation sector for truck drivers with a CDL license. Here are some practical tips and tools to help truck drivers locate employment opportunities:

  • Job boards online: Numerous websites and employment boards focus on bringing together businesses and truck drivers. Websites like Indeed, Monster, and offer specific areas for trucking jobs where drivers may look for jobs according to geography, experience level, and other factors.

  • Company Websites: Visiting the websites of trucking companies directly can be an excellent way to discover job openings. Many companies list their available positions and provide information about their application process, requirements, and benefits.

  • Trucking Associations: Professional trucking associations, such as the American Trucking Associations (ATA), often provide resources and job listings for their members. These associations can be a valuable source of information on available jobs, industry news, and networking opportunities.

  • Networking: Building a professional network within the trucking industry can be beneficial when seeking job opportunities. Attend industry events, join online forums or social media groups, and connect with other truck drivers, dispatchers, and industry professionals. Networking can lead to insider job leads and recommendations.

Given that New York is one of the most populous states in the US, there are many career options for truck drivers there. Particularly in New York City, which is a significant center for transportation and has a strong need for trucking services. In New York, there are several trucking businesses that offer short-haul, long-haul, and local routes.

Consider using the methods listed above to discover trucking employment in New York, but concentrate your search on job boards and other sites that cater to the city. Community groups and regional trucking organisations may also have information about employment vacancies.

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