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Auto trucks in the USA

All America
Auto trucks
Released 19 January 2023
Transportation Company KWA INC. will hire CDL drivers. Pay holidays Platne Detention and Layovers Pay all miles from the counter For team drivers payable weeklies min $4400 -$5000 guaranteed in 5 days W More..
Released 24 November 2023
Join our team of professionals! We are looking for experienced drivers with SDL for the top three to work with. Requirements: SDL driver certificate Clean driving record At least several months of driving exper More..
Released 24 November 2023
$3000 - $4500 In a week
Car transport companies invite CDL A drivers (9-car transporter). Requirements: CDL license from 2 years of at least six months of experience in car hauling, a clean Trucky record of 20-23 years, 9 car hauling More..
Released 26 January 2023
Solid and reputable, existing for 18 years, ALCATRAZ recruits Gentlemen with CDL “A” class. Pay: empty 60 miles + 60 full miles. Trailers are loaded with customers. We have 268 trailers year 2019-2022. 12-15 t More..
Released 27 February 2023
Polish transport company in WAYNE, NJ. At home daily, weekends free. Minimum 2 years of experience. Good pay.
Released 31 October 2023
$7000 - $8000 In a week
Conditions: We pay 35-40% of gross; Average gross depends on your strength; New equipment from 08:00; Payment for 50/50 benefits; We issue fuel cards; 24/7 support for ELD and dispatchers; We work with trailers More..
Released 24 October 2023
$18000 - $22000 In a week
Primeway auto carierr inc, based in the Chicago area, is looking for Owner-operators who are interested and willing to work in the trucking industry. Trailer for 2-9 cars, open or closed. CDL drivers for closed More..
Released 03 October 2023
$15000 - $18000 In a week
Conditions: Flexible schedule and experienced dispatchers. Those. 24/7 support. Payment to drivers from 30%. Weekly gross from $15,000 to $18,000. Fuel cards. Requirements: The experience is minimal. Only More..
Florida and more 4
Released 21 September 2023
$15000 In a week
Требуется водитель с CDL класс А или B для работы на трейлер — Carhouler 5 машин.Можно без опыта!ВНИМАНИЕ мы не берём депозит!Работаем по территории США30 % От гросса ! Up to $15000 От 6 месяцев More..
California and more 13
Released 18 September 2023
Requirements: Work experience 1 year or 6 months on Car hauler Net record Legal status We offer: Work on new Car Haulers Gross 30% Payment on time Fuel Cards Good review Bonus Clean Inspection Bonus 2 More..
Released 15 September 2023
$18000 - $22000 In a week
Primeway auto carierr inc, based in the Chicago area, is looking for Owner-operators who are interested and willing to work in the trucking industry. Trailer for 2-9 cars, open or closed. CDL drivers for closed More..
Released 05 September 2023
Bh Trans Inc offers you: 85 - 88% of weekly gross Direct deposit Every Friday 24/7 support The best prices on the Full transparency cargo/Liability insurance ELD electronic Log Book IFTA and Permits No hidd More..
Illinois and more 2
Released 03 August 2023
For Owner operators: Pickup and semi trucks We provide trailers ($2000 for 7 seater, $600 to $1200 for 2-3 seater) Our MS 88% for Owner operators 24/7 Dispatch Weekly temporary payment! For CDL-A drivers Requir More..
Released 01 August 2023
$13000 In a week
We offer: Up to 30% of GROSS (depending on experience) Gross Up to $13,000 per week Pay on time every Friday Conditions: Trucks: 2020-2022 Trailer: Car Hauler 24/7 support from an experienced dispatcher Fue More..
Florida and more 4
Released 31 July 2023
$2500 - $3500 In a week
The car transportation company invites CDL A drivers! We also invite Owner Operators! Carriers for 9 cars! Volvo and Pererbilt trucks Experience loading cars and the ability to drive a manual transmission are More..
Released 20 July 2023
$10000 - $14000 In a week
The trucking company requires CDL drivers. We offer: 28-30% of gross From 10000 to $14000 gross per week 9 car hauler Flatbed 2020 Western star The trucks are equipped with everything you need! Automatic Tran More..
California and more 8
Released 29 June 2023
$6000 - $7500 In a week
High wages. Most weekends are at home. Conditions: Most days off at home 1099 or W2 Trucks over 19 Payment every two weeks (timely) Requirements: 2 years of experience on a 9-ka car carrier Preferably a TWIC ca More..
Released 27 June 2023
$15000 In a week
Adolbi inc is looking for Owner-operators who are interested and willing to work in the road transport industry. A trailer for 3-6 cars! Conditions: Gross up to $15,000 per week; The most experienced dispatch More..
Florida and more 6
Released 03 April 2023
$2000 - $3500 In a week
NON CDL, CDL A drivers are welcome! New trucks from 2022 to 2023, equipped with all amenities! Trailers: Car Hauler, Flatbed, Conestoga. Conditions: 24/7 dispatcher support Many miles! No downtime! Require More..

Auto transport truck driver jobs in the USA: occupational features

The auto transport industry plays a crucial role in the transportation of vehicles across the United States. Within this industry, auto transport truck drivers are an essential component, responsible for safely and efficiently moving vehicles from one location to another. In this section, we will explore the occupational features of auto transport truck driver jobs in the USA, shedding light on the key aspects that make this profession unique and appealing to those seeking a career in transportation.

Auto transport truck driver jobs offer a range of benefits and opportunities for individuals looking for a dynamic and rewarding career. From job stability to competitive salaries and flexible schedules, there are numerous advantages associated with pursuing a career as an auto transport truck driver. Additionally, with the increasing demand for vehicle transportation services across the country, there is a growing need for skilled professionals in this field.

One of the notable features of auto transport truck driver jobs is the opportunity to travel and explore different parts of the country. As drivers transport vehicles from one state to another, they get to experience diverse landscapes and cultures along their routes. This aspect appeals to those who have a sense of adventure and enjoy being on the road.

Furthermore, auto transport truck drivers often benefit from job security due to high demand within the industry. With people constantly buying and selling vehicles or relocating across states, there is always a need for reliable transportation services. As such, individuals pursuing a career as an auto transport truck driver can expect steady employment prospects.

In terms of compensation, auto transport truck drivers typically receive competitive salaries that reflect their responsibilities and expertise. The income potential can vary based on factors such as experience level, distance traveled per trip, and company policies. Many companies also offer additional incentives, such as bonuses or mileage-based pay structures.

Flexibility is another attractive feature associated with auto transport truck driver jobs. While long-haul trips may require extended periods away from home, some positions offer regional or local routes that allow drivers to return home more frequently. This flexibility can be appealing to individuals who value a work-life balance or have personal commitments that require them to be in their home region regularly.

In conclusion, auto transport truck driver jobs in the USA offer a range of occupational features that make them an enticing career choice. From the opportunity to travel and explore different parts of the country to job security, competitive salaries, and flexibility, this profession provides a unique blend of benefits for those interested in the transportation industry. Whether you are starting your career or looking for a change, consider exploring the opportunities available within the auto transport sector.

Auto truck transport driver reviews

When it comes to choosing an auto truck transport driver, it's important to make an informed decision. With so many options available, reading reviews from other customers can provide valuable insights into the quality and reliability of a driver's services.

Auto truck transport driver reviews serve as a powerful tool for potential customers to gauge the level of professionalism and expertise of a driver. By hearing about the experiences of others who have utilized their services, you can gain a better understanding of what to expect and make an educated decision.

These reviews offer firsthand accounts of the drivers' punctuality, communication skills, vehicle condition, and overall customer satisfaction. Whether you are shipping a single vehicle or multiple cars across long distances, knowing that others have had positive experiences with a specific driver can provide peace of mind.

Furthermore, auto truck transport driver reviews also highlight any potential red flags or areas for improvement. By reading both positive and negative feedback from past customers, you can identify patterns or recurring issues that may impact your own experience.

In today's digital age, accessing these reviews has never been easier. Online platforms and websites dedicated to auto truck transport services allow customers to share their experiences openly and transparently. These platforms often include ratings systems that aggregate customer feedback into easily digestible summaries.

By taking advantage of auto truck transport driver reviews, you can confidently choose a reliable and reputable professional who will ensure the safe delivery of your vehicles. Don't leave your transportation needs up to chance; let the experiences shared by others guide you towards making the right choice for your unique requirements.

How much does an Auto trucks driver make?

The salary of an auto truck driver can vary depending on various factors such as the type of trucking job, experience level, location, company size, and industry. It's important to note that my knowledge cutoff is in October 2023, and economic conditions and wage rates may have changed since then. However, I can provide you with a general idea based on historical data.

In the United States, the median annual wage for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers was around $48,000 to $55,000 as of 2023. Entry-level drivers typically earn less, while experienced drivers with specialized skills or working for larger companies can earn more. Additionally, factors such as the number of miles driven, type of cargo, and any additional bonuses or benefits provided by the employer can also affect earnings.

It's worth noting that the trucking industry is diverse, with different types of trucking jobs available, such as long-haul trucking, regional trucking, or local delivery. Each type of job may have different pay scales and compensation structures.

Keep in mind that these figures are general estimates and can vary significantly depending on individual circumstances and the current state of the industry. It's always best to research up-to-date information and consult local sources or industry associations for more accurate and specific salary data.

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