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Lowboy in the USA

All America
Released 19 January 2023
Transportation Company KWA INC. will hire CDL drivers. Pay holidays Platne Detention and Layovers Pay all miles from the counter For team drivers payable weeklies min $4400 -$5000 guaranteed in 5 days W More..
Released 26 January 2023
Solid and reputable, existing for 18 years, ALCATRAZ recruits Gentlemen with CDL “A” class. Pay: empty 60 miles + 60 full miles. Trailers are loaded with customers. We have 268 trailers year 2019-2022. 12-15 t More..
Released 27 February 2023
Polish transport company in WAYNE, NJ. At home daily, weekends free. Minimum 2 years of experience. Good pay.
Released 02 October 2023
$4000 In a week
A&M Carriers Inc invites CDL A drivers! New trucks from 2020 to 2023, equipped with all amenities! Trailers: Lowboy Stepdeck Flatbed There are trucks in LEASE! Conditions: Up to 3,500 miles a week. Logbook More..
California and more 38
Released 05 September 2023
Bh Trans Inc offers you: 85 - 88% of weekly gross Direct deposit Every Friday 24/7 support The best prices on the Full transparency cargo/Liability insurance ELD electronic Log Book IFTA and Permits No hidd More..
Illinois and more 2
Released 11 August 2023
We offer:For solo from gross 28% or 70 cents per mileFor team, 30% from gross or 75 cents per mile$1000 Sing up bonus (after 3 months of work)Referral bonus for solo $1000Referral bonus for team $1500Net Inspec More..
Released 04 August 2023
Lowboy |
$12000 In a week
The truck company (Illinois) needs a driver for a new truck with everything you need to work and spend a comfortable time Trailer type: Lowboy RGN 3-4 axle trailer Gross $12,000 at legal mileage. 30% Off gross More..
Illinois and more 5
Released 05 July 2023
Hiring Guidelines: Minimum 1-year CDL class A recent verifiable experience No more than 1 preventable accidents, careless/reckless driving, excessive speeding (15mph+ over) in the last 3 years. NO DUI/DWI ON R More..
California and more 10
Released 14 June 2023
Lowboy |
$18000 In a week
Conditions: Working for 1099 Loads are constant Gross up to $18,000 a week we pay 27% of gross Ongoing support from a professional dispatcher Trucks, trailers and mounts in excellent condition Working for Low More..
Released 30 March 2023
Lowboy |
$4000 Per month
DUMP-TRAILER/LOWBOY, Dump-truck. Requirements: Knowledge of English (optional) At least 1 year of experience Clean drug test Conditions: Local (New Jersey) Schedule: Mon-Fri Pay once a week $25 per hour Tr More..
Released 27 February 2023
OTR, earnings up to $2,200 a week, regional routes (Midwest), dry loads, parking in Northbrook. For truck owners we offer 90%.
Released 27 February 2023
Released 26 February 2023
SMALL FAMILY TRANSPORT COMPANY will hire CDL Class A driver and truck owners. A permanent Chicago-Ohio route.
Released 24 February 2023
Looking for CDL driver KL. A. Calm atmosphere, well-groomed equipment, routes to the Midwest, loaded semi-trailers. Very good pay conditions, sign-in bonus. For more information please call.
Released 24 February 2023
At home every weekend. Electronic or paper logbook. Midwest and Southern State.
Released 23 February 2023
We will hire CDL drivers with the ability to drive trucks transporting passenger cars. Very good salary! If you are interested, please contact us by phone.
Released 22 February 2023
If you are looking for a CDL Class A truck driver position, we have an opportunity for you. Drivers with experience or without experience can find a position. WE HAVE OPPORTUNITIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY.
Released 22 February 2023
THE DRIVER OF KL. C for a straight truck I will hire. Up to 26,000 lb. Earnings 50-55c/mile. and CDL DRIVER
Released 21 February 2023
$6500 - $13000 In a week
Conditions: Payment is 75 cpm depending on experience or 30% of gross. Own YARD (New Jersey) The opportunity to become an owner-operator (take a truck in liz) We do not delay payments!! We work honestly (keept More..

Driver Lowboy a CDL job in the USA: occupational features


You would be in charge of driving a lowboy trailer, a type of commercial motor vehicle (CMV), as a Driver Lowboy, commonly known as a Lowboy Driver. A lowboy trailer is made primarily to move big cargo like cranes, bulldozers, construction equipment, and other heavy gear.

Here are some essential characteristics of a Driver Lowboy position in the USA:


You must have a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with the necessary endorsements in order to operate as a Driver Lowboy. A Class A CDL, which enables you to drive vehicles weighing more than 26,001 pounds with a trailer weighing at least 10,000 pounds, is often required for lowboy drivers.


Vehicle Operation: In your capacity as a Lowboy Driver, you would be in charge of driving and controlling the lowboy trailer, a specialized trailer with a low deck height intended to carry large and heavy equipment. You would need to be an exceptional driver with the ability to back up and turn in small areas.


Load Securement: Securing the heavy equipment properly is crucial to ensuring its safe transportation. As a Driver Lowboy, you would be responsible for inspecting and securing the load using chains, straps, and other appropriate tie-down devices to prevent shifting or falling during transit.


Safety Compliance: Safety is a top priority in the trucking industry. As a lowboy driver, you would need to adhere to all safety regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and other relevant authorities. This includes conducting pre-trip and post-trip inspections, maintaining proper documentation, and following Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.


Driving a lowboy trailer might involve strenuous physical activity. You could be required to attach and detach trailers, load and unload large machinery, and carry out simple maintenance procedures. Depending on the nature of the job, you might also need to be ready for a lot of travel and prolonged periods away from home.


Lowboy drivers frequently have to speak with clients, dispatchers, and other stakeholders. In order to transmit information concerning collection and delivery schedules, any delays or problems that may have occurred, and to maintain correct records of hours worked, mileage, and charges, it is crucial to have strong communication skills.


Knowledge of Regulations: As a Driver Lowboy, you would need to stay up to date with federal, state, and local regulations regarding oversized and overweight loads. This includes understanding permit requirements, route restrictions, and any special considerations for transporting specific types of equipment.

Remember that specific job requirements and responsibilities may vary based on the company you work for, the type of lowboy trailer, and the nature of the loads being transported. It's always important to consult with potential employers to get a complete understanding of the specific occupational features of a driver's Lowboy job.


How much does a Lowboy driver make?


The salary of a Lowboy driver can vary depending on several factors, including experience, location, company size, and the type of loads being transported. Additionally, prevailing economic conditions and industry demand can also impact wages.


As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2023, the average annual salary for a Lowboy driver in the United States ranged from $40,000 to $70,000. However, it's important to note that this is an approximate range, and salaries can vary significantly.


Experienced drivers with a good track record and specialized skills in transporting heavy equipment may command higher salaries. Additionally, drivers who are willing to work in remote or less desirable locations or who are available for long-haul or overtime assignments may have the potential to earn more.


It's also worth mentioning that some Lowboy drivers may be paid on an hourly basis rather than an annual salary. Hourly rates can vary depending on the region and company, but they generally fall between $18 and $30 per hour.


To get accurate and up-to-date information on Lowboy driver salaries, it is recommended to consult with local trucking companies, industry associations, or online resources that provide salary data specific to your location and circumstances.


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