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Stepdeck in the USA

All America
Released 19 January 2023
Transportation Company KWA INC. will hire CDL drivers. Pay holidays Platne Detention and Layovers Pay all miles from the counter For team drivers payable weeklies min $4400 -$5000 guaranteed in 5 days W More..
Released 29 November 2023
Truck Provider LLC SEEKING CDL Driver for Flatbed, Step Deck, Conestoga.We have been on the market for more than 10 years. More than 20 own tracks in the park.We are looking for SOLO and TEAM Drivers.We work wi More..
Illinois and more 14
Released 10 November 2023
PRIMETURBO LLC invites Owner Operators CDL-A Conditions: At least 1 year experience 88% of gross Fuel cards at a discount Many bonuses 24/7 Dispatch support It is possible to rent a trailer For all questions, p More..
Released 08 November 2023
$130000 Per year
Найвища оплата ринку!Працюємо тільки з step decks, RGN, flatbed conestoga трейлерами.Ми пропонуємо:Від 28% до 31% від гросу залежить від досвіду (в середньому від 70 центів за милю до 1.20 за милю)Можливість ст More..
Released 02 November 2023
Приглашаем на работу CDL Class A водителей (flatbed/stepdeck/ conestoga).Предлагаем:Новые грузовики и прицепы.Дружелюбные и профессиональные диспетчера.Бонусы за чистые DOT проверки.Бонусы за рекомендации.Посто More..
Released 06 November 2023
We are looking for a motivated driver to join a large transportation company! Fast hiring process, start driving as soon as possible.   Job details: 2-3 days off after each trip + additional days upon pri More..
California and more 2
Released 26 January 2023
Solid and reputable, existing for 18 years, ALCATRAZ recruits Gentlemen with CDL “A” class. Pay: empty 60 miles + 60 full miles. Trailers are loaded with customers. We have 268 trailers year 2019-2022. 12-15 t More..
Released 27 February 2023
Polish transport company in WAYNE, NJ. At home daily, weekends free. Minimum 2 years of experience. Good pay.
Released 29 August 2023
We are looking for drivers with CDL A, it is possible without experience (we will train you during the internship process). Knowledge of English is required Schedule - 4/1 Trailer - Stepdeck ZP - 7-10k $ Write More..
Released 28 July 2023
$10000 - $12000 In a week
We offer: Gross $12000 We provide training for beginners with no experience on open trailers 28-33% of gross, surcharge for crappy and oversized Long distances We work in 48 states FROM YOU: At least 2 month More..
California and more 10
Released 22 July 2022
$5 000.00
We teach newcomers after school! Training is paid! Assistance programs in buying trucks. New trucks in 2023! Work options: 3 weeks work/week at home. Payment options: 30% off Gross ($3,500-$5,000 per More..
Florida and more 2
Released 09 November 2023
California and more 8
Released 08 November 2023
$15000 In a week
We invite OWNER OPERATORS!!! Trailers: Flatbed, Step deck, Dry Van Available NOW!!! For Owner Operators: Rate Confirmations directly from the broker to your email Discounted fuel cards, we will help you save More..
Released 25 October 2023
$12000 - $18000 In a week
First Way Inc has been on the market for more than 8 years offering excellent conditions for those who live in Florida. For drivers: New FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA trucks! New 53ft flatbed trailers, reefer! 30% of t More..
Florida and more 7
Released 24 October 2023
ALD Transportation invites CDL A drivers VOLVO, MACK, FRHT Cascadia trucks 2019 - 2023, equipped with all amenities. Trailer: Conestoga Step Deck Flatbed. Requirements: At least 1 year of experience Conditions: More..
Released 20 October 2023
$7000 - $15000 In a week
Requirements: At least 3 years of experience Willingness to work! Clean record Age 21+ We offer: Payment 12% We work with: Dryvan, Flatbad, Stepdeck, Refer) There are 2 trailers for rent. Bonuses (Referral sys More..
Released 18 October 2023
$8000 - $12000 In a week
Our offers for you: 88% of total revenue Benefits of working: Partnering with a stable and reliable company Competitive conditions Caring for every driver 24/7 Technical support Don't miss the opportunity to in More..
Released 09 October 2023
$8000 - $11000 In a week
Компания Iron Way Transportation ищет опытных водителей CDL-A на НОВЫЕ траки и трейлеры.Мы предлагаем:Недельный gross от $8000 до $11000, платим 70-75 срм или 30%;Оплачиваем $1000 после года работы с нами;Refer More..
Released 05 October 2023
$40000 - $45000 Per month
We offer: Payment 88% of gross 1 dispatcher for 4 trucks Dispatchers with 10 years of experience We do not take a deposit We can rent a trailer We work with all brokers Payment for each week Insurance $800 - $1 More..
Released 02 October 2023
$4000 In a week
A&M Carriers Inc invites CDL A drivers! New trucks from 2020 to 2023, equipped with all amenities! Trailers: Lowboy Stepdeck Flatbed There are trucks in LEASE! Conditions: Up to 3,500 miles a week. Logbook More..
California and more 38
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What is a Stepdeck Trailer?

A stepdeck trailer, also known as a drop-deck or lowboy trailer, is a specialized type of flatbed trailer designed to transport freight that exceeds the height limitations of standard flatbed trailers. The distinguishing feature of a Stepdeck trailer is its two deck levels: a main deck and a lower deck. The main deck is at a standard height, while the lower deck drops down, allowing for the transportation of taller cargo such as machinery, equipment, or oversized loads. This design provides greater versatility and accommodates freight that cannot be transported using conventional flatbed trailers.

How Much Does a Stepdeck Driver Earn Without a CDL?

Despite the common requirement for commercial driver's licenses (CDL) in the trucking industry, some Stepdeck drivers may operate without holding a CDL. The earnings of a Stepdeck driver without a CDL can still vary based on experience, location, and the employing company. On average, these drivers can earn a competitive salary, ranging from $50,000 to $80,000 annually, depending on the aforementioned factors. It's important to note that not all Stepdeck driving positions may waive the CDL requirement, and prospective drivers should carefully review job qualifications and consult with potential employers regarding licensing requirements and compensation structures.

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