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Business services in the USA

60 объявлений отсортированных по популярности
Tatyana Koshevaya is an experienced consultant and social services worker


TC Consulting Service has been providing professional services to our customers for over 27 years. Our priority is to help our clients become happy in...
Business services
Калифорния! Помощь в получении лицензий, открытии компаний
Номера USDOT, СА, МС                     &nbs...
Business services
Los Angeles, CA
KGB Customs Broker
KGB Customs Broker is a full-service customs brokerage based in Los Angeles, California. Specifically in North Hollywood and the Burbank area, where m...
Business services
140 E Tujunga Ave, Burbank, CA 91502
One&One Consulting
We provide services for opening and registering a company in the United States (regardless of whether there is an SSN). We will help you choose the co...
Business services
1114 N Arlington Heights Rd Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Additional Orders for Your Business
I welcome colleagues to the Appliance Repair business! If you're looking for additional orders for your company, we're here to help. We provide ready-...
Business services
How to Attract New Customers and Increase Sales
My name is Lena and I'm your targetologist ready to help your business thrive. My specialty is marketing and I know how to use it to your advantage. W...
Business services
Sam, Help with Business
Would you like your business to become a Google leader in your city? I'm here to help you achieve this goal. My services include: Free consultation Se...
Business services
Lyudmila Kolesnik, Business Law - Inheritance Law - Immigration Attorney in Florida
Lyudmila Kolesnik is an outstanding lawyer whose professional experience covers immigration and inheritance law, trust and property disputes, complex...
Business services
1548 Lancaster Terrace, Jacksonville, FL 32204
Stable and High Credit Rating
If your credit score is 400699 and you're looking to improve it, we have a reliable solution. We have contacts that can legally help you get rid of ne...
Business services
New York
We provide Services for Opening Legal Entities: MC, LLC, INC
Our team is ready to help you with the process of registering and registering your business. We have extensive experience in opening various forms of...
Business services
New York
LLC INC Services
Start your own company quickly and easily with LLC INC Services. We provide services for registering LLC companies, INC corporations, obtaining Tax ID...
Business services
New York, NY
Inna Efimchik
Inna Yefimchik has corporate and securities practices, with a focus on new growth companies and venture capital firms. Her practice includes general...
Business services
Los Angeles, CA
Roma & Family Inc
Welcome to Roma & Family Inc! We are specialists in providing business, administrative and auxiliary support services, as well as waste management and...
Business services
3963 Eagle Cove W Dr, Palm Harbor, FL 34685
VH Sign & Lighting Services
VH Sign & Lighting Services is a full-service signage company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19116. We want to be your marketing partner throu...
Business services
1890 Woodhaven Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116
Marketer | Marketer | Business Management | Business Management
Hi, my name is Nika. I am a marketer and business management specialist. I am not an unfounded professional, but the real founder of 4 companies that...
Business services
Sarasota, FL
Roman, Legal Services, Mulhall Zion LLC
If you need legal assistance, fight before us! Our lawyers provide a wide range of legal services to businesses, providing legal services to businesse...
Business services
Cleveland, OH
Robert Wiśniewski PC Lawyer
Attorney Robert Wisniewski has focused his practice for more than 25 years on representing clients in New York and New Jersey in complex labor law and...
Business services
17 State Street, Apartament 820 Nowy Jork, NY 10004
I will develop a business plan for you!
I will develop a business plan for you from scratch or help improve an existing one. My services include SWOT analysis, marketing planning, management...
Business services
New York, NY
IMMIGRATION ISSUES? CALL US RIGHT NOW! Green card and citizenship Hideout Protection from deportation Business immigration Family immigration Vis...
Business services
Los Angeles, CA
Attorney Christopher Kurczaba Attorney
Our experience with work visas, immigration court representation, dismissals and citizenship will meet all immigration needs by providing a wide range...
Business services
6219 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60646
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How a business lawyer can help?

A business lawyer can be a valuable asset to any business as they provide legal advice and guidance on various aspects of running and managing a company. Here are some ways a business lawyer can help:

Business Formation: A business lawyer can assist you in choosing the right legal structure for your business, whether it's a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC. They can help with the necessary paperwork and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Contracts and Agreements: Business lawyers can draft, review, and negotiate contracts with vendors, suppliers, clients, employees, and other stakeholders. They ensure that the contracts protect your interests and minimize legal risks.

Intellectual Property: If your business has intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, or patents, a business lawyer can help you protect and enforce your rights, as well as handle any infringement issues.

Compliance and Regulatory Matters: Business lawyers can keep your business in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including industry-specific requirements, data protection laws, and employment laws.

Business Transactions: Whether you're buying or selling a business, merging with another company, or engaging in other significant transactions, a business lawyer can guide you through the process, conduct due diligence, and handle the necessary legal documentation.

Dispute Resolution: In the event of a legal dispute, a business lawyer can represent your interests in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings.

Employment Law: Business lawyers can advise you on matters related to employment contracts, workplace policies, discrimination issues, and other employment-related legal matters.

To find a business lawyer, consider the following options:

Referrals: Ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues, or other business owners who have used the services of a business lawyer before.

Bar Associations: Contact your local or state bar association, which often has referral services that can connect you with qualified business lawyers.

Online Directories: Many websites and online directories like list lawyers by practice area, allowing you to search for business lawyers in your area.

Law Firms: Research law firms that specialize in business law and have experience working with businesses similar to yours.

Networking: Attend business networking events or industry conferences where you might meet lawyers who work with businesses in your sector.

When choosing a business lawyer, consider their experience, expertise, track record, and communication style to ensure a good fit for your business needs. It's essential to establish a strong working relationship with your business lawyer to receive the best possible legal advice and representation.

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