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Car hire

Closed 09:00am - 06:00pm
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Budget car rental. The rental price starts at $450 per month, including insurance. Short-term car rental (from one week).

  • Reasonable deposit. Toll roads are included.
  • There's no mile limit.
  • It is possible to show cars from stock online.
  • Rental documents, driver's license.
  • Payment cash, zell, check.
    • Selling budget cars with a clean title.
    • Flexible terms of the deal.
    • Selling a car in installments from a company without% on a driver's license.
    • Cars cost from $1000
    • Cars arrive once a week
    • .
    • The machines are pre-sold and fully serviced.
    • It is possible to show online, deliver the car to the customer (individual calculation of the service).
    • Broker services from $1000 (buying any vehicle at auction)
    • Car insurance services

    The company provides your car with scheduled maintenance, replacement of pads, diagnostics, professional washing and dry cleaning.

    The company invites you to an open, secure parking lot with 24/7 access and provides storage space for your car for at least 1 month. Cost: cars, jeeps -$100 per month, trucks, commercial minivans - $200 per month.
    Payment cash, zell, check.

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    Фото с галереи
    Vehicle services | Car rental | Detailing | Car wash |
    Car hire
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