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eTVnet offers the largest archive on the Internet

Currently, you can watch eTVnet on your own eTVnet Android set-top box, on major Smart TVs using applications developed by the company, on Android, Amazon Fire stick, or on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Ethnic Television Network (eTVnet) was created in 2004 and today is one of the largest players in the Russian online television market. The service is aimed at Russian-speaking viewers around the world, outside of Russia and the CIS countries. eTVnet offers an archive of video-on-demand broadcasts. The archive contains classics of Soviet television and cinema, as well as modern Russian films, TV shows, programs for children, sports and humorous programs, documentaries — everything that was broadcast by Russian channels. The show is ad-free. The eTVnet collection is constantly growing and is considered to be the largest archive of on-demand broadcasts on the Internet. Regular daily updates to the on-demand archive give eTVnet viewers the opportunity to watch the latest news from Russia in real time. The video-on-demand format allows viewers to view programs of interest at any time convenient for them. With more than a million shows, eTVnet allows subscribers to watch anything, anytime, anywhere, anywhere in the world. In addition to video-on-demand, eTVnet offers its viewers live coverage of all major Russian channels, as well as a number of ethnic channels, such as Channel 9 in Israel. For the convenience of viewers from all over the world, live broadcasts are available in seven time zones, starting from Moscow time and moving westward to Pacific Standard Time. Subscribers can also record the broadcast for two weeks. This option is suitable for viewers who want to watch certain programs after they air, but have chosen cheaper plans that don't include watching archived programs. eTVnet has been fruitfully and continuously cooperating with copyright holders to purchase live and video-on-demand rights. To deliver content to the end consumer, eTVnet has developed its own CDN system. It is recognized as one of the most optimal and effective CDN systems on the Russian online television market. The system is constantly being updated and improved to optimize the delivery of content to the end consumer and to reduce the cost of managing the CDN system. Currently, eTVnet can be watched on major Smart TVs using applications developed by the company (the new Samsung TV app will be updated soon), on Android, Amazon Fire stick, and on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Over the past few years, eTVnet has partnered with one of the largest Android set-top box manufacturers in China to produce its own eTVnet Android console, which has become very popular with subscribers due to its usability, reliability and price. eTVnet is not only distinguished by the variety and quality of content, but also by its attention to customer needs and desires! eTVnet provides customer support 365 days a year from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST. Customers can choose any convenient method of communication: email, live chat, phone or social media. eTVnet is proud to have solved one of the most common problems that Internet TV viewers face when, after subscribing to the service, they realize that they will now have to change their Internet, computer or purchase many small accessories. You can avoid all this by using the 7-day free plan, during which users can test the service on their Internet and computer. Trial access provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the service and understand how the site works. At the end of the seven-day trial period, viewers can choose one of two tariff plans and take advantage of the prepaid discount. The registration process is carried out in two steps and takes no more than three minutes: choosing a tariff and choosing a payment method. Ethnic Television Network (eTVnet) is managed by Matvil Corporation, a registered company in Ontario, Canada.
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