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Ilona is a certified Numerologist!

Closed 09:00am - 06:00pm
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We often don't live our own lives.

But each of us has our own path, talents, and true purpose.

My consultations are therapeutic and trigger powerful transformations in life.

I will help you become a healthy, bright and inspired person who knows where he belongs in this big World, where his biggest money is, how he can make a quantum leap, what he needs to look like to attract people's attention, and much more.

Along with an analysis of your purpose and various areas, I give real recommendations for discovering your character strengths and maintaining your energy in the black.

Please contact us for a consultation on the date of birth of the following reviews: Full analysis

  • . Our purpose. Personality, spirituality, realization, relationships and health)
  • Soul mission
  • Karma money (what money goes through and what blocks it)
  • Family tasks and past life karma The work of life
  • (activities)

  • I know for sure: Everything we need for a happy life is already

    in each of us!

    Choose Yourself!

    Other |
    Ilona is a certified Numerologist!
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    Илона, Нумеролог



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