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Monarch and Monroe Cattery

Closed 09:00am - 06:00pm
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British and Scottish kittens!

We are a small family of cat breeders registered with TICA based in Brooklyn, New York. We have been breeding cats for the past 8 years, and each of our cats is a full member of our family.

As show cat breeders, we have dedicated our time and care to the well-being and comfort of all our cats, ensuring that they are surrounded by love and always in the best possible health and environment.

Our cats never sit in a cage but roam freely around the house to socialize with other cats, animals, children and other family members. It also helps them become fully accustomed to normal household noise so that they can easily adapt to their new homes later on. In addition to socializing, we also ensure that our cats get the best food and nutrition we can provide.

Each of our cats has been genetically tested, with all vaccinations, and is regularly checked by a veterinarian. We have very few litters per year because the health of our queens is our top priority



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Monarch and Monroe Cattery
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Evgeniya, Monarch and Monroe Cattery



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