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Pike Place Market

Closed 09:00am - 06:00pm
1st Ave and Pike St
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The impressive market is five blocks wide and six levels high, and you can move between them by a special glass-enclosed elevator overlooking the bay. The upper level of the market is full of fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits and spices. Walking among the numerous shops, you can come across unique products. Look out for a counter with 20 or more types of pasta in bulk, a corner with painted decorative rosettes, or a bakery with Russian pies. Gorgeous armfuls of tulips will not be ignored either, which cheer you up at a glance. The world's first Starbucks is also located here. The lower levels of the market are mainly occupied by antique and souvenir shops, restaurants, and stores selling foreign delicacies. Special attention is paid to the street where the famous Gum Wall is located. You can consider the sweet aroma of chewing gum and the noise of cameras as a reference point. This tourist wonder has recently become a fashionable decoration for wedding photo shoots.


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Pike Place Market
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