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Vitaly Malyuk (Arvian Law Firm LLC) is an experienced attorney in the field of US immigration law

Closed 09:00am - 06:00pm
300 Spectrum Center Dr, Floor 4, Irvine, CA 92618
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Vitaly Malyuk (Arvian Law Firm LLC) is an experienced U.S. immigration attorney.

He specializes in complex cases of obtaining political asylum, as well as visas for gifted professionals, services for people planning to move to the United States for permanent residence or temporarily study, work, and reunite with their families.

  • He speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English.
  • We work across all states
  • Installment plan
  • Free consultation
  • A wide range of immigration services:

  • Assistance to gifted professionals in obtaining EB-1 and EB-2 NIW visas
  • Full support in applying for political asylum, legal protection
  • Protection from deportation
  • Representing clients in
  • immigration courts
  • Preparation of necessary documents for visas and Green Cards Obtaining permanent residence through family reunification and
  • employment Submission
    • applications for different types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas
    • Business visas of various categories (H, L, E-2, EB-5);
    • US Immigration Consulting To sign up for a consultation, go to

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    Legal services | Immigration lawyers |
    Vitaly Malyuk (Arvian Law Firm LLC) is an experienced attorney in the field of US immigration law
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    Я обращалась к Виталию за консультацией по визе как IT специалист. До этого я общалась с другими адвокатам и мне не дали такой полной картины и масштаба опции как дал мне Виталий Малюк. Четко и по делу и с необходимыми деталями за час я получила всю информация которую можно собирать год. Консультация с таким адвокатом это хорошая инвестиция. Рекомендую теперь услуги и своим близким и друзьям.
    Olga Strelnikova
    Received a very professional and detailed consultation from Arvian Law Firm regarding my rights in the USA, while I have a B1/B2 visa and currently staying in NY state. Highly recommend the lawyer Vitaliy as a trustworthy professional.
    Очень довольны тем, что выбрали Виталия. Всё профессионально, комфортно сотрудничать. Крайне рекомендую!
    Очень рекомендую Виталия! Отличный специалист. Все четко, по делу, с расстановкой. На все вопросы получил исчерпывающие ответы!
    Attorney Maliuk patiently answered all of our questions about immigrating to the United States. He addressed any concerns we had about navigating the complicated visa process and tailored an effective strategy based on our unique situation.
    Anna A
    Замечательная команда профессионалов, которая может помочь вам на всех этапах иммиграции. Команда подробно и своевременно ответила на все вопросы. Общение было легким и эффективным. Спасибо за всю вашу работу и поддержку!
    We appreciated attorney Maliuk’s clear communication, timely preparation of documents, and the compassion he showed, putting us at ease during a difficult process.
    Лейла Мамедова
    Спасибо большое нашему адвокату Виталию Малюку самый лучший адвокат в Соединенных Штатах Америки а его команда лучшие из лучших Виктория и Кристина спасибо им большое всем рекомендую
    Искренне человеческая благодарность адвокату нашему Vitalii Maliuk и эго команде. Они нам очень помогли, всегда отвечали на звонки и отдельная благодарность Кристине))
    Благодарю команду Виталия за проделанную работу.Все по сути без воды и по доступной цене.Так же хочу поблагодарить Викторию и Кристину.Работой данной команды очень доволен всем советую.
    I reached out to Vitaliy Malyuk's team when I found myself in a difficult situation, as due to complicating factors, I had failed to submit one of the most crucial forms for applying for political asylum. Other lawyers, upon hearing about it, were hesitant to take on my case, and some even advised me to pack my bags. Fortunately, the team's awareness and professionalism helped them find ways to address this issue. The presentation at the master hearing took place without my presence, which was also very convenient. At the moment, my case is awaiting a final hearing, and the team provides additional support and guidance at every stage. Additionally, I would like to highlight the human approach and understanding with which the team approaches the case. I am definitely glad that I found this law firm and am currently working with them.
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