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Photographers and sales assistants. No experience required

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We work with more than 200 restaurants in 13 states and are hiring new employees due to the expansion.

We provide:

    • paid training
    • all equipment for work
    • high earnings
    • different locations for work
    • flexible
    • hours Same-day pay tips, surcharge for overwork
    • over 40 hours a week
    • W2/cash
    • payment
    • immediately at the end of the working day
    • English-speaking environment for immigrants
    • the opportunity to travel to other states and work the opportunity to develop further
    • in this or other areas Our ideal candidate
    • minimal knowledge of English
    • love for photography and desire to work for results
    • ,
    • communication skills
    • ,
    • responsibility and compliance with company rules


    $100 - $500 Per day
    • Full time
    • Part time
    Other specialties | Restaurants and hotels | Salespersons |

    VISENTA Studio


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