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This vacancy is not relevant

HHA IS NOT REQUIRED! Up to $21 (with benefits!). LEGAL STATUS IS REQUIRED! Great pay. Flexible schedule. The agency is announcing recruitment right now! We offer a job close to home!

110W 34th St, Suite 1207 New York, NY 10001

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GreatCare is looking for Home Health Aid (HHA) employees across New York City.

If you take care of your friends or family members, we can pay you!
This is called a CDPAP program (there are specific conditions for this program).

We offer good working conditions and pay. Salary up to $21.00 (with benefits!).
HHA certification is not required if you can work under the CDPAP program.

Opportunity to work close to home. Better compensation, including all types of benefits.
Flexible working hours. You can work full time or part time.

We have jobs in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

Call us for more information.

$21.00 Per hour
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