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This vacancy is not relevant

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A SALES PHOTOGRAPHER AND PRINTER. It is possible to earn $300-$350 per day. No work permit required

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If you

are looking for a part-time job in your spare time, write to me in a PM. Currently, there are vacancies for Salesman Photographer and Printer.

The PHOTOGRAPHER's work is simple:
  • You need an intermediate level of English.
  • Pay, on average, $150 to $200 per shift, depending on your sales.
  • If you work all day (both shifts), you can earn $300-$350.
  • The camera is provided by the company.
  • From the printer:

    • Salary $12/hour.
    • English is not required.
    • There are day and evening shifts. The schedule is flexible, you can work 1 day a week, you can work all 7 days.

    No work permit is required. Students can work without problems. The
    training is only 1 day (also paid after 1 month of work), you can start working the next day.
    You get money in cash every day.
    The work takes place in the best restaurants in San Diego and the surrounding area. Write, don't hesitate, a good opportunity to earn money and practice your English with native speakers

    • Work on the cache
    Sellers and cashiers | Other specialties |

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