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We are looking for an assistant sales manager (Amazon, eBay, Walmart). Training. Comfortable working conditions

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A vacancy is open for an assistant sales manager at Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Requirements for the candidate:
• A girl under 35 years old.
• Excellent English skills — to correspond, communicate daily with support from Amazon, Ebay, etc.
• Love analyzing information.
• At work, to be able to find solutions to issues and solve them, and not find reasons to postpone them — work involves full autonomy in many cases.
• Be able to work with a large number of tasks, be able to organize your working day and your manager's working day.
• Understand the role of an assistant manager, be in the right place, love helping.
• Be able to work with objections.
• Find a common language with any client.
• Experience in sales based on results rather than processes.
• Analytical and logical skills.
• Experience working with Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc. Internet platforms.
• Ability to work with Excel, GoogleDoc, Outlook, Microsoft Office.
• Ability to think strategically and manage.
• Not conflict, a positive view of the world.

• Promoting and developing products and brands around the world.
• Report broken items to suppliers — make sure they respond and return broken items to suppliers.
• Account administration for Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and others.
• Perform various duties at the discretion of the manager — organizing processes, monitoring their implementation by other employees.
• Creating a listing, understanding internal and external optimization.
• Forecasting sales and products in stock.
• Support for the developed and implemented product promotion strategy.
• Control of the sales department and communication with customers.
• Conclusion of contracts, business correspondence, including with Amazon, eBay.
• Control and support for the delivery of goods to warehouses in different countries.
• Reporting.
• Monitoring the availability of goods in warehouses.
• Monitoring the performance of the duties of contractors and subordinates.

The company offers:
• Salary: depending on your experience and professionalism.
• Training.
• Comfortable working conditions.
• Official registration.

If you meet most of the points and are ready to work at 110%, write and we will consider your candidacy (write briefly why we should choose you!).
Sellers and cashiers | Office work |

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