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This vacancy is not relevant

We are looking for staffed TEAMS, TOP HANDS and FOREMEN to maintain and install equipment on cell towers

Belazor Technologies

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  • Experience working on telecommunication towers is required
  • Driving license
  • Availability of certificates
  • Living in or around Philadelphia and proficiency in English
  • Qualification documents (for teams)
  • The opportunity to travel on business trips is welcome (hotel accommodation at the company's expense)
  • We provide:

    • High on-time payment (piecework or enrollment with a fixed daily rate and payouts every two weeks)
    • Career prospects (we are always extremely loyal to employees who want to move forward in this industry)
    • Full employment
    • Ability to work locally (within 150-200 miles of Philadelphia)
    • Providing the necessary equipment and materials
    • Training promising candidates to the position of a foreman and full support from the company during training
    • Registration assistance when buying a property
  • Recruiting bonus after probation — $2,000 (foremen only)
  • For more information and questions PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US!

    Ext. 707 [email protected]
    • Full time
    Construction | Architecture | Repair | Cable splicers | Technical specialties |

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