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This vacancy is not relevant

We are looking for a NANNY DOMESTIC HELPER in the USA New Hampshire! Accommodation in a private room! Meals, transfers are at the expense of the employer!


Author contacts


Working conditions:

  • Work schedule: 5/2 or 6/1 (50-60 hours a week!)
  • Work for the long term, a year or longer!
  • Vacation is being discussed
  • Accommodation in a separate room, meals, transfers are at the expense of the employer.
  • The house has access to: gym, basketball court, family car.

Salary: write down your wishes based on duties and work schedule, family budget 4500-5000 (depending on nanny experience and location)


  • Age: 30-52 years old!
  • Experience working in families!
  • Recommendations!
  • Pedagogical, musical or medical education!
  • If there is a first aid certificate, it will be + if not, the family invites experts into the house and provides training!
  • Knowledge of English - colloquial, Ukrainian!
  • Driving license and driving experience!
  • No bad habits!
  • Swimming skills (pool available)
  • Vaccination is a certificate!
  • A US visa with a password is mainly or a green card!
  • For Ukrainians, a family can open a sponsorship visa with a password!


  • Two boy children: 3.6 years old and 1.4 years old (the older boy goes to the garden several times a week)
  • You need to take employers to the garden by car and bring them home!
  • Childcare, hygiene, feeding, age-appropriate development, child development homework, walking, playing, sleeping. Travel and travel support (the family has an active lifestyle)

Housekeeping help for mom:

  • Assistance in preparing meals for families and guests - on request.
  • Keeping the baby's room clean
  • $4500 - $5000 Per month
    • Full time
    • We speak Ukrainian
    • With accommodation
    Nannies | Cleaning | Housekeepers |

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