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Sales manager

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About the company: Plane Butler inc. is a promising startup. We provide business aviation with a variety, including but not limited to food and drink. Our vision is to combine most of the daily duties of flight attendants into one affordable service. We're looking for a high-performing sales manager to help us achieve our goals of building a sales force from scratch. You will be responsible for maximizing our sales team's potential and assessing sales performance to ensure our success. The ideal candidate is a natural leader, a team player and a fan of taking on new challenges. Requirements: A track record of sales success as a sales manager. More than 3 years of experience in B2B sales management or in a leadership role in a business sales department is required. Experience working in airlines is desirable (including but not limited to catering and cargo sales, logistics). A commitment to continuing education through workshops, seminars and conferences. Excellent written and oral communication skills (in English). A deep understanding of CRM systems Excellent mentoring, coaching and HR skills Responsibilities: Reach sales goals by successfully managing a team. Identify new sales opportunities in emerging markets and lead generation programs to support our growth. Rental, training and call center management Developing strategies to increase monetization through media placement Development of a commercial speech Staff sales skills training Writing sales reports, including sales volume and progress, to help create new sales goals Schedule: 9-hour shift Monday to Friday Place of work: Office space near Miami Airport.
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