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Starting at $3000 per month! We are looking for a NANNY who has experience taking care of children!

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We are looking for a positive and outgoing nanny, with a warm, easygoing, patient, friendly and pleasant personality who has experience taking care of children.

We need someone who can be firm when kids try to push, but who can be fun and kind at the same time.

For this family, a calm, non-irritable person who defies emotions is best suited.

Priority is given to a nanny who is: independent, well-organized and flexible. An excellent communicator, with the ability to solve problems and think through planning, who sees what needs to be done to optimize home processes.


We have two amazing daughters, one of them goes to kindergarten (full day) 3 days a week.

Children's ages: 4 years and 6 months.

These duties will be performed with the help of parents.

Children will always be a priority, and household duties will only be carried out when time permits.

Morning duties:

  • Make sure that a 4-year-old child gets dressed and brushed his teeth;
  • Feed a 4-year-old child breakfast;
  • Feed the baby from a bottle;
  • Make sure that the lunch bag for the school is assembled;
  • Car/bring the child to school (if possible);
  • Daily duties:

    • Follow the feeding and sleeping schedule for the baby;
    • Preparing meals for the baby (lunch on days when he is not in kindergarten) and cooking/cleaning baby bottles;
    • Managing children's schedules;
    • Help in keeping track of household supplies (groceries, cleaning products, etc.) and adding them to the family shopping list as needed;
    • Cooking dinner/easy meal preparation for the whole family (cutting vegetables, cooking pasta, etc.)
    • ;
    • Washing dishes (loading/unloading the dishwasher);
    • Washing clothes whenever possible;
    • Putting the house in order as much as possible;
    • Seasonal change of clothes for children, transfer of clothes to those in need;
    • Tracking children's equipment and replacing it as needed (for example: dance clothes, swimming supplies, sports drinks, etc.)
    • ;
    • Buying groceries (if you can drive a car);
    • Planning and scheduling interesting and informative walks, including trips to the zoo, museum, park, etc. (if you can drive a car);
    • Anticipate events (such as birthdays) and purchase the necessary supplies in advance (for example, gifts for friends; another example is the start of autumn dances if you need dance shoes, etc.). If you can drive a car.

    Responsibilities after school/in the evening:

    • Homework assistance for a 4-year-old child;
    • Play with children outside when time allows (walking, going to the playground, football, cycling);
    • The willingness to participate in children's games and fun is important for this family;
    • Implementing and enforcing a screen time policy that will be discussed/decided with parents;
    • Cleaning and organizing cleaning after children;
    • Gently encourage children when they clean up after themselves;
    • Supervise periodic gaming dates;
    • Helping children organize and take responsibility for their belongings and needs: hang up the school bag, do their homework, clean the snack bag, refill the snack bag the next day;
    • Arrange transportation for trips to and from classes and/or extracurricular activities (if you can drive).

    $3000 Per month
    • Full time
    Nannies | Cleaning | Housekeepers |

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