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This vacancy is not relevant

A start-up farm needs a family, or a couple, to develop joint ownership.

Author contacts



    • Living on site;
    • Knowledge and experience in animal husbandry, agricultural farming, construction, working with tools, knowledge of agricultural machinery, ability to use welding, chainsaws, sawmills; Ability to drive cars and agricultural machinery, driver's license;


      Intent to live in a
    • small, peaceful, historic place in California that is safe for children and family values; Desire to build your own farm
    • with
  • environmentally friendly products;
  • Ability to work with heavy equipment, knowledge of hydroponics, aeroponics, and/or aquaponics, skills in breeding fish and keeping ponds in a healthy condition suitable for fish and humans
  • ; Knowledge of basic English.

    The farm has: a tractor, a skid, a heavy lift, two trucks, an ATV, a sawmill, a boat; a large number of agricultural and construction tools; A large number of poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, quails, turkeys; and fifty families of honey bees. Animals include sheep, goats, pigs, cows, dogs, and eventually llamas, horses and ponies


    Planted: a large number of various fruit trees, berry bushes, perennial and annual vegetables, melons, medicinal and salad greens, spices and ornamental plants.

    In progress;

    • Construction of workshops, aquaponics greenhouses, baths, api houses, smokehouses, etc

    What and where:

    • farm is located in Mariposa. Mariposa, CA is a full-fledged city with its own schools, police, hospital, ambulance, hospital, banks, restaurants, airport and other benefits of civilization. 3 hours by car from San Francisco, 2.5 hours from Sacramento, 5 hours from Los Angeles. Close to Yosemite Park, Pine Mountain Lake, and other world-class California reserves
    • .
    • Our plot is approximately 240 acres (100 ha) in size.

    The property has its own lake full of fish, wild California quails, wild turkeys, pheasants, hares, deer, oak trees, fruit trees, etc. Offer: We provide free accommodation and a car.

    • Payment depends on the specific project at the moment ($20 per hour on average), as well as 10% of all our farm income, with some exceptions. Details at a personal meeting.

    After working together for ten years, we give our assistants 5 acres (2 ha) of land, 10% of our total livestock, a full set of wood to build our own house, and provide assistance in building and developing our own farm. We help you develop your own business, build a credit history for all family members, prepare documents for legalization, and help with the translation of documents. We do not provide notarial assistance


    All seedlings and pets will be provided by us both for our farm and for our assistants' farm. We'll discuss the details later


    It does not matter:

    • Religion, position on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, where you used to live, nationality, and other personal preferences. The only remark is that for some religious people this matters is that there are pigs and dogs on the territory, and they need daily care
    • .
    • We do not consider candidates with bad habits - drinkers, taking drugs (heavy and/or light) do not welcome smoking.
    • We are not looking for slaves, we need ideological and equal partners. We guarantee respect and honesty in
    doing business.

    Call only by mobile phone (call, voice, SMS), I will answer or call back as soon as possible.

    Other specialties |

    Саша/ Рита.


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