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OFFICIAL job on cell phone towers, $1400+/week during training (first 2 months) for candidates without experience.

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High-paying long-term stable job at Tryzub Tower Services, LLC with career opportunities. Work experience is not required. SC, NC, TN, VA, KY, WI, IL, KS. The telecommunications industry is one of the most popular and developing in the American market. Safety is the company's top priority. We provide: ️ training course (practical training within the company, we pay for online courses to obtain all necessary certificates) ️ necessary safety equipment ️ daily allowances ️ insurance ️ accommodation (while in market) ️ we pay for transport (to/from the market/vacation) ️ we pay for time on the road (morning/evening to work/from work, between objects) You are required to: ? only official employment on W-2, open immigrant visa (we do not provide work visas) ? lack of fear of heights ? good physical shape ? willingness to work on the go for up to 6 weeks ? basic knowledge of English ? responsibility, teamwork skills Responsibilities: ◽️ Working on cell phone towers to assemble, replace, and install equipment ◽️ Compliance with safety regulations at the workplace ◽️ Working with tools, materials and mechanical equipment ◽️ Timely and effective completion of assigned tasks. Fill out the Application Form on our website: If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer Mon-Fr 8am-6pm EST: (843) 450-5965 - Alla [email protected]
Construction | Architecture | Repair | Other specialties | Cable splicers | Technical specialties |

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