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This vacancy is not relevant

! ATTENTION WORK! Employees are required to work in pawn shops (Hollywood, Pompano, North Miami)

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‼️ We need:

  • Manager Assistant Manager
  • Sales Consultant

? What we want to see in our candidates

  • Proficient conversational English, Spanish would be a plus.
  • Ability to sell physically and online
  • Experience in pawnshops, jewelry, sales, management and relevant areas Efficiency
  • Multitasking
  • and organization Integrity and
  • honesty Desire to
  • work for results

    ‼️ IMPORTANT! we are looking for employees ONLY FOR LONG-TERM EMPLOYMENT ‼️ The

    probationary period is 14 days

    In turn, we:
    • we guarantee a rate of $15 per hour+bonuses or% of sales profit
    • friendly team career growth

    ? If you have knowledge and experience in the following areas, it will be a plus for you

    • Sales experience on online platforms (eBay, OfferUp, marketplace, etc)
    • Jewelry
    • Repair of computers and small electronics Design and
    • maintenance of Social networks
    • (SMM), targeted advertising.
  • Website development, contextual advertising, SEO Photography
  • Send your CV by email with your contact details, after review we will contact you and set an interview date!

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