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A service technician is vacant in a multi-apartment residential complex with 168 apartments in Napa

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service officer is responsible for the proper repair and maintenance of apartments, buildings and grounds. Duties may include but are not limited to restoring vacant facilities, completing work assignments, and maintaining public areas on the 13-acre property. You will be assigned “on call” to work outside of office hours to ensure that the community has adequate coverage for emergency maintenance work outside of business hours. The “duty officer” is transferred to existing service personnel and divided accordingly.

Skills are required:
  • Painting, drywall and gluing
  • Standard plumbing skills, removing blockages, repairing the toilet Light electrical skills,
  • replacing lamps, sockets and switches Carpentry, hanging cabinet doors, drawers and
  • repairs Communication between all departments and the public must be clear, businesslike and
  • collaborative Must
  • have a valid driver's license
  • and be collateral Must be in good physical shape and in good physical shape to do everything heavy duties, without restrictions on lifting weights, bending, working in confined spaces or on elevated surfaces

Personal initiative is critical to success, as is the use of common sense and safety.

Send your resume by email or fax.
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