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Leather restorer

1946 NE 149th St, North Miami, FL 33181

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Do you love creativity, do you love to turn ideas into reality, and do you have a passion for working with branded shoes and bags? Then you're exactly who we're looking for!

About us: We are an international service for the restoration of branded bags and shoes, created with love for detail.

Our mission is to restore not only the appearance of things, but also to preserve their unique style and history.


  • Restoration and repair of branded shoes and bags

  • .
  • A creative approach to each project.

  • Compliance with high quality standards.


  • Experience as a shoemaker, seamstress or love for creativity


We offer:

  • Training our unique methods within 1.5 weeks

  • .
  • Flexible work schedule (full time, 5/2).

  • Work at interest rates, fair pay for your work.

  • A friendly team and a pleasant atmosphere in the team.

  • More about us on Instagram.

    • Full time
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