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An 85-year-old woman with dementia. No accommodation.
With accommodation, you can come. Not lying down, the work is not hard. Call us for more information.
Work from 4pm to 8pm, 4-5 times a week (any days to choose from). Payment is $15 per hour.
Oops. Unfortunately, these are all the offers in this location San Diego, CA. Don't be upset! You can always check out the listings in this location California
Потрібна жінка з проживанням і доглядом за 84 річною жінкою яка лежача з хворобою деменція.Стаж роботи обов’яз...
20 November 2023
My dad is 94 years old and he is a walker and takes care of himself. He is looking for a live-in assistant: Wh...
29 September 2023
Jobs in San Francisco With accommodation!
27 September 2023
Живет в San Jose in 2 bedroom appartment. Умение водить машину очень желательно!Звонить по телефонам! Cпросить...
26 September 2023
Working with IHSS registration. West Sacramento
19 September 2023
With registration and accommodation! Please call us by phone!
14 September 2023
From 8 pm to 8.30 am You also need help with shopping and cleaning twice a week for a couple of hours in the m...
12 September 2023
All questions are just by phone or text message!
06 September 2023
The house is located in west Roseville, preferably minimum English. Please call for more information.
You need a woman or a man to look after an 87-year-old man. With a place to stay. Please call us by phone.
Due to my deteriorating health, I am looking for an assistant or assistant. Good pay. Foot problem: arthritis,...
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