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Requirements: Basic English. We offer: Paid tuition Work at a BIG%. SOLD $100, $25 Yours! Preferably gir...
01 March 2023
Concord needs an employee to work for a hotdogs store. For a few days a week. Approximately Tuesday-Wednesday....
25 May 2022
A permanent job requires a sales clerk at a store in Santa Monica. Good Russian, English - any. Payment by ch...
23 March 2022
Preferably with experience in gastronomy. Colloquial English, accuracy, courtesy, responsibility and flexibil...
21 March 2022
Are you a people's person? Do you enjoy helping people clean things up? Does your closet look like our ad? Do...
24 February 2022
Noe Valley Flower Boutique is looking for a part-time employee for customer service and floral design. Previo...
11 February 2022
Sellers and cashiers and other 1
Full-time or part-time. Good pay and friendly atmosphere. If you are interested, send your resume to manag...
11 February 2022
We are looking for a sales consultant for a chic store selling soap and other body care products! Requirement...
04 December 2021
A Russian store and cafe needs employees. Call us.
19 July 2021
Sellers and cashiers and other 1
The Arbat Store (4375 clayton Rd Concord) requires an employee (Preferably Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
18 March 2021
A Russian store in San Francisco requires young people with work permits. Alik.
03 March 2021
A Russian store requires a cashier.
02 February 2021
The ARBAT grocery store at 3475 Clayton Rd, Concord requires a seller/cashier. Trading experience is welcome....
13 January 2021
The Arbat store requires an employee (Preferably Monday, Friday, Saturday, afternoon).
15 December 2020
A Russian store in San Francisco requires young people with work permits.
04 December 2020