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The dental laboratory on Staten Island is hiring a Dental Technician! We are looking for candidates wit...
13 July 2023
Oops. Unfortunately, these are all the offers in this location Staten Island, NY. Don't be upset! You can always check out the listings in this location New York
Мы ищем энергичного и ответственного сотрудника на должность рецепционистки в нашу стоматологическую клинику.О...
20 February 2024
Office work and other 1
Мечтаете о карьере медсестры в США? Зарабатывай от $5000-$10000. Первый урок бесплатныйНабор открыт на группов...
02 February 2024
Conditions:Paid training, no experience needed.High profit payment!Requirements:Microsoft Office/Google Suite....
24 January 2024
Other specialties and other 1
Оформление пациентов и т.дЗнание компьютераИщем работницу со знанием английского языка!Только с опытом работы...
15 February 2024
Office work and other 1
С металлокерамикой и по производству моделейТОЛЬКО ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЫ! Мы не рассматриваем УЧЕНИКОВ!РАБОТА В КВИНСЕ...
09 February 2024
Requirements: Knowledge of Russian/English is MANDATORY A work permit in the US is MANDATORY Work experience...
16 October 2023
Office work and other 1
Conversational English is required. (not an agency).
01 February 2024
Sellers and cashiers and other 1
Медичний центр запрошує лікарів різних спеціальностей для проведення онлайн консультацій наших пацієнтів. Вака...
21 December 2023
Specialty: prestigious medical optics. Responsibilities will include answering calls, making appointments, and...
25 July 2023
Office work and other 1
Requirements for a Cosmetologist: with knowledge of sculptural and lymphatic drainage massage techniques. If y...
01 January 0001
Social security and the right to work are mandatory. We provide training!
05 February 2024
Идет набор в Национальную Гвардию NY! Только с грин- картой или гражданством! Служба всего 2-3 дня в месяц!При...
25 January 2024
В медицинский офис в Квинсе требуется девушка на front desk с опытом работы.
19 January 2024
Office work and other 1
Due to the growth of the company, a chain of prestigious medical optics and sunglasses stores is looking for a...
04 January 2024
Other specialties and other 1
Medical supply in Brooklyn requires workers. We are looking for people on good terms with high salaries! Requi...
21 December 2023
We're looking for someone who is a hard worker and capable of multitasking. The office is located in the Manha...
01 December 2023
Office work and other 1
Medical Office is looking Front Desk Receptionist.Applicant must have:Excellent Communication SkillsBe a Self-...
29 November 2023
Office work and other 1
We are looking for a reception administrator to join our team at Fabulous Optical Store. Full training will be...
20 October 2023
Office work and other 1
A supermarket in Brooklyn needs a full-time security man! Colloquial English is required. Not an agency!
16 October 2023
Sellers and cashiers and other 1
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