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Non CDL work in the USA

All America
Released 27 November 2023
$7000 In a week
Yard and SHAP at Ohare airport Chicago Experienced dispatchers Fuel cards Paid training Our own Shop and Yard located in Chicago We pay 40% -45% of net profit From 25 years of age with minimal English language More..
California and more 9
Released 28 November 2023
$7000 - $12000 In a week
We invite Pickup Truck owners to cooperate. For those who want to become a truck owner, we help with financing We provided: Approximate gross $7000-$12000 and up 24/7 services Qualified dispenschers w More..
California and more 17
Released 27 November 2023
DreamTeam Transportation LLC invites drivers for Pickup trucks and Cargo VANs and provides dispatch services for Owner OperatorsWe provide:Profitable termsHigh grosses and ratesStable gross from $7500 per week More..
Released 26 November 2023
$60000 Per month
ESSENCE TRANSPORTATION INC is looking for Non cdl drivers for pickup trucks (unlocking three) and truck owners (owner operators) Requirements: Car Hauler experience Desire to work and earn money We offer: Gross More..
Illinois and more 2
Released 11 October 2023
The desired number of miles. The sprinter is equipped with a sleeping bag. The ability to choose loads and destinations. Timely payment. Bonus system. Professional dispatchers 24/7. Free work schedule. More..
Released 24 November 2023
We are looking for drivers to work on the 3 Cars Trailer. Requirements: Age: 25 years or older Driver's license (DL) in any state Open company and business account, or in the process of opening a business accou More..
California and more 13
Released 21 November 2023
Conditions: RAM/FORD pickup truck and 36 ft closed trailer It is possible without experience, but negotiated individually. For all details, please call the phone number!
Released 21 November 2023
WE'RE HIRING! HOTSHOT! We're looking for Owner Operator! CDL/NON CDL. We transport up to 10,000 Gross pounds: $6,000 per week! Conditions: 90% from Gross Fuel discount Direct deposit on Friday Dispatch support More..
California and more 9
Released 20 November 2023
$1500 - $3000 In a week
We need responsible guys. We go everywhere! We provide all drivers with professional training Requirements: From 25 years of age Availability of American DL Basic English Any corner of continental America Condi More..
Florida and more 2
Released 26 September 2023
$7000 In a week
VogLane Logistics, a car transportation company, invites a partner with its pickup truck! We will help you build a profitable business in the trucking niche! What you'll get: Assistance in selecting and fina More..
Released 04 December 2023
Conditions: Sprinter with bed and autonomous heating, refrigerator and microwave Choice of goods and destinations Professional dispatchers 24/7 Working with trips throughout the country Friendly staff and indiv More..
Released 17 November 2023
NON CDL! Робота для водіїв:Клас CStraight truck 26ftЩотижнева оплатаОплачуємо всі милі3000+ миль/тижд.Нові траки (2021-2022) зі спальниками й холодильникамиРеферальна бонусна програмаУмови:Чистий MVRМінімум 1 р More..
Released 01 December 2023
Drivers with a regular driving license (CDL is NOT required) are required for a car transportation company, and a 36 feet closed trailer requires drivers for two full-size vehicles. Terms: Non CDL Trucks: Dodge More..
New York and more 2
Released 20 November 2023
We offer: Gross 35% to 45% 24/7 support Ford and RAM 2019-2022 Car hauling trailer Payment on time Requirements: 6 months of experience Clear record Responsibility and punctuality Desire to work and earn money More..
Released 30 November 2023
Требования:Мужчина 25+Водительское удостоверение СШАЖелание работать и зарабатыватьЗнание Английского (чтоб вы понимали, что вам говорят и могли немного понимать)Условия:Заработная плата 30-40% от Гросса. После More..
Released 30 November 2023
$1500 In a week
We are hiring drivers for a pickup truck We offer: Wages from $1500 per week will increase depending on the amount of work and your experience New Ford|Ram trucks Professional dispatchers 24/7 support Free trai More..
Released 27 November 2023
$1500 - $3000 In a week
Требования:Опыт работы в сфере кар-холинга - ПРИВЕТСВУЕТСЯВодительские права СШАТребуется разрешение на работу или LLC.Условия:Тех. обслуживание и поддержка диспетчера 24/7.Проводим обучение от 1-2 недель в зав More..
Released 27 September 2023
Спілкуємось Українською мовою!Требуются водители:Straight truck 30% от гросса после вычета топлива и платных дорог!Требования:Нужен чистый рекордОпыт от 6 месяцев в США!SSN или разрешение на работу обязательно! More..
Illinois and more 4
Released 26 November 2023
$1000 In a week
We are selling: 26' BOX TRUCK (no need for CDL) New trucks 07/ Freightliner M2 with a sleeping bag Insurance for our waters Geography of work: All US States and Canada Payment: 55-60 cents for all miles (includ More..
Released 09 November 2023
Moving company based in NYC is seeking experienced, energetic, dedicated independent contractor (Crew)Position requires:1-year experience in the moving industry (Preferred)SSN or corporation is a MUST.Skills in More..
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Non-CDL jobs in the USA: what are the opportunities for unlicensed drivers?

Non-CDL jobs in the U.S. offer several opportunities for unlicensed drivers who do not possess a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). While CDL-related roles require a specific license, there are numerous positions available that do not have this requirement. Here are some job opportunities for unlicensed drivers:

Delivery Drivers: Many companies hire unlicensed drivers for delivery roles. These positions often involve transporting goods or packages using personal vehicles, such as cars or vans, and can be found in various industries, including courier services, food delivery, and e-commerce.

Ride-Sharing or Transportation Network Companies (TNCs): Companies like Uber and Lyft offer opportunities for unlicensed drivers to become rideshare drivers. However, these platforms generally require drivers to meet certain criteria, such as having a valid driver's license and a clean driving record.

Personal Drivers: Some individuals or families hire personal drivers who can operate private vehicles. These roles often involve chauffeuring clients, running errands, or providing transportation services for special events. Depending on the employer, a regular driver's license may be sufficient.

Shuttle Drivers: Various establishments, such as hotels, resorts, and airports, hire shuttle drivers to transport passengers within a designated area. These drivers typically operate vans or minibuses and may not require a CDL.

Local Delivery with Sprinter Van, Pickup Truck, or Box Truck: Many local businesses, including retailers and logistics companies, require drivers for delivering goods within a specific region. Depending on the vehicle size and weight restrictions, some positions may not require a CDL and can be filled by unlicensed drivers.

Courier Services: Courier companies often employ unlicensed drivers to handle small package deliveries. These roles may involve using personal vehicles or smaller company-owned vehicles for local or regional deliveries.

It's important to note that the specific requirements for each job can vary depending on the employer, state regulations, and the nature of the work. Unlicensed drivers should always ensure they meet the necessary criteria for any position they consider. Additionally, it's worth considering that obtaining a CDL can open up additional job opportunities in the trucking industry, especially for roles involving larger commercial vehicles.

What is the wage of a driver without a CDL?

The wages for a driver without a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) can vary depending on several factors, including the type of driving job, location, industry, experience, and the specific employer. It's important to note that these figures are approximate and can fluctuate over time. Here are some general wage ranges for drivers without a CDL:

Delivery Drivers: Delivery drivers who use personal vehicles or small vans for local or regional deliveries typically earn an hourly wage or a combination of hourly pay and tips. The average hourly wage for delivery drivers can range from around $10 to $20 per hour, depending on the industry, location, and employer.

Ride-sharing or Transportation Network Companies (TNCs): Drivers working for ride-sharing or TNCs, such as Uber or Lyft, usually earn money through a combination of base fares, distance traveled, and time spent driving. The earnings can vary significantly depending on factors such as peak hours, demand, location, and driver availability. On average, ride-share drivers can earn between $10 and $25 per hour before expenses.

Personal Drivers: The wages for personal drivers can vary widely depending on the employer and the specific duties involved. Some personal drivers are hired by wealthy individuals or families and may receive a fixed salary or an hourly rate. In these cases, wages can range from around $15 to $30 per hour or more, depending on factors like the level of responsibility, working hours, and the employer's expectations.

Shuttle Drivers: Shuttle drivers who transport passengers within specific areas, such as hotels, resorts, or airports, typically earn an hourly wage. The average wage for shuttle drivers can range from $12 to $20 per hour, depending on the location, employer, and level of experience.

Local Delivery with Sprinter Van, Pickup Truck, or Box Truck: Drivers engaged in local delivery services using vehicles like Sprinter vans, pickup trucks, or box trucks generally earn an hourly wage. The wages can vary based on factors such as the employer, region, job responsibilities, and experience level. On average, these drivers can earn between $12 and $25 per hour.

It's important to keep in mind that these wage ranges are estimates and can vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances. Additionally, some employers may offer additional benefits, such as health insurance or mileage reimbursement, which can impact overall compensation. It's advisable to research wage rates specific to your location and industry, as well as consider factors like experience, demand, and any additional benefits when evaluating potential earnings as a driver without a CDL.

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