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Sprinter of в New York

New York
Sprinter of
Released 24 January 2024
$1000 - $1700 In a week
GREEN CARD or Work autorization Spoken English — required At least 1 year of experience in cargo transportation — required Age over 25 years Cargo transportation across all states The cars are equipped with a b More..
Illinois and other 3
Released 25 October 2023
$20 Per hour
California and other 16
Released 17 October 2023
Constant cargo 24/7 support, 365 days a year Finding goods at competitive prices Payment control from brokers An experienced manager will select a Dispatcher for you according to your requirements who will be f More..
California and other 14
Released 16 October 2023
The company provides only new and serviceable vehicles, cars are equipped with autonomous heaters and a bed. Requirements: Knowledge of English is required Age 26+ Own LLC or Corporation, SSN The ability to dr More..
New York and other 3
Released 12 October 2023
$1200 - $1500 In a week
Requirements: SSN Green card or USA passport required! (We go to Canada) Driver's license and the desire to work The car is in good condition, webasto (heating) and a full bed are installed!
California and other 9
Released 28 August 2023
$4000 - $12000
A fair price in accordance with the realities of the market! Large Straight Team - $7000-$12,000 Small straight Team - $6000-$10,000 Sprinters Team - $4000-$6000 Solo/Strong solo - depends on many factors. Cont More..
California and other 9
Released 19 July 2023
$180 Per day
Компанія Sprinter Van Lines шукає водіїв на Mercedes Sprinter.   Заробітня плата $180 в день. В подальшому можливе підвищення в зарплаті і кар'єрі! Їздимо на відстань 150-250 миль максимум. 1-2 пікапа в де More..
Released 20 December 2022
Oskar Ex Inc invites you! CDL-A driver on the best conditions! We offer: Work all over the US Dispatching+24/7 support, we work only with the best dispatchers! Weekly payroll Individual approach to every dri More..
New York, NY and other 4
Released 03 October 2022
We offer fruitful cooperation to drivers with their own truck (Large/Small-Straight truck, Cargo Van, Sprinter)! Conditions: Mobile app for convenience. Cargo board right in the app. 24/7 dispatch support. More..
Chicago, IL and other 10
Released 30 September 2022
Requirements: SSN Green card or USA Driver's license Passport Willing to work The car is in good condition, webasto (heating) and a full bed are installed!
New York, NY and other 2
Released 20 September 2022
Alpine Express is a team of professional dispatchers with more than 12 years of experience in logistics specializing in Expedite transportation. We work with top US brokers, use more than five cargo search pla More..
Los Angeles, CA and other 9
Released 18 September 2022
$8 000.00
ANN Logistics LLC invites reliable Owner Operators to long-term and profitable cooperation! We are looking for drivers in our Cargo VAN, Box-Truck, Large straight, Small straight cars. We offer: A convenien More..
Released 06 September 2022
A truck company with Full Inventory and established brokerage contracts is for sale! 1 2018 Dodge. 2 2022 Dodge3 2023 Dodge4 2023 Dodge5 2017 Peterbilt6 2022 Ford7 2022. Ford 8 2019 GMC9 2013 Freightliner 2 More..
Chicago, IL and other 2
Released 18 August 2022
Sprinter Van Lines is looking for Mercedes Sprinter drivers. Salary is $200 per day. In the future, salary and career growth are possible. We drive 150-250 miles at most. 1-2 pickups per day is the maximum. Go More..
Released 26 July 2022
We provide: New, comfortable and fully equipped trucks High wages that will depend only on your hard work and skills We require you to: Legal status/ work permission/ company and availability of DL.
Released 19 July 2022
$10 000.00
ROSSYGO LLC is looking for NON-CDL owner-operators with its trucks to join its team. We ship Cargo Vans, Small Straight Reefer, Large Straight Flatbed and Pickup trucks. We offer: The best 24/7 dispatch sup More..
Chicago, IL and other 6
Released 12 July 2022
A Houston-based logistics and dispatch company, TX is looking for owner-operators across the US! We offer: Timely payments once a week or the next day. 24/7 driver support. Competitive pay. Requirements: More..
Chicago, IL and other 10
Released 11 July 2022
$2 200.00
Drivers are required for MERCEDES SPRINTER VAN Work autorization or SSN- required! Cargo transportation across all states. Work experience is welcome but not required! The cars are equipped with a bed and a More..
Chicago, IL and other 2
Released 17 June 2022
Delivery of goods to all states. We offer: 70/30 salary, fuel at the driver's expense, Van is equipped with a sleeping bag, heater, refrigerator. Requirements: legal status (SSN, Green Card, Work permit, citi More..
Released 17 June 2022
Logistics Systems dispatching company is looking for Drivers and Owner Operators to join its team. Drivers are needed for a 16ft Box Truck. Requirements: Legal Status (Green Card, Work Wuthorization, Citize More..
New York, NY and other 3

What do you need to know about working on a Sprinter Van?

Working on a Sprinter Van involves understanding its mechanics, maintenance requirements, and legal considerations specific to different regions like New York and California. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Mechanics and Maintenance:
  • Familiarize yourself with the Sprinter Van's engine, transmission, electrical system, and other components. Obtain technical manuals and diagnostic tools for troubleshooting.
  • Regularly inspect and service the vehicle, including oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations, brake inspections, and fluid level checks.
  • Stay updated with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and adhere to it to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Legal Considerations:
  • Obtain the necessary licenses and permits required to operate a Sprinter Van as a business in New York and California. Contact the respective state's Department of Motor Vehicles or transportation authorities for specific requirements.
  • Familiarize yourself with the regulations regarding commercial vehicle inspections, emissions testing, and safety standards in both states.
  • Comply with any weight restrictions, load decrement regulations, or special permits necessary for carrying specific types of cargo or equipment.
  • Environmental Regulations:
  • Be aware of California's stringent emission standards. Sprinter Vans in California may need to comply with the state's emission regulations, such as the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements.
  • Stay updated with New York's emission standards and any local regulations related to clean air initiatives and vehicle emission inspections.
  • Safety Considerations:
  • Ensure the Sprinter Van is equipped with necessary safety features such as functioning seat belts, airbags, fire extinguishers, and reflective warning triangles.
  • Comply with state regulations regarding driver qualifications, logbook requirements, and vehicle inspections.
  • Maintain a safe driving record and follow all traffic laws and regulations to prevent accidents and violations.
  • Specialized Conversions (if applicable):
  • If you're working on customized or converted Sprinter Vans, familiarize yourself with the specific modifications and equipment installed.
  • Understand the electrical systems, plumbing, insulation, and interior components to be able to troubleshoot and perform repairs as needed.

Remember that regulations and requirements may change over time, so it's essential to stay informed by regularly checking official sources such as the respective state's DMV or transportation department websites for the most up-to-date information.


What is the Sprinter Van driver's salary?

The salary of a Sprinter Van driver can vary significantly depending on various factors such as location, experience, company size, job responsibilities, and whether the driver is an owner-operator or an employee. Additionally, market conditions and demand for delivery services can also influence wages.

While it is possible for some Sprinter Van drivers to earn around $2,000 per week or more in certain situations, it is important to note that this figure is not a standard or guaranteed salary. Some drivers may earn less than that, especially when starting out or working for smaller companies. Additionally, expenses such as fuel, maintenance, insurance, and taxes need to be considered when assessing actual take-home pay.

To get a more accurate and up-to-date understanding of Sprinter Van driver salaries in your specific area, it is recommended to research job listings, speak with local drivers or industry professionals, or contact relevant delivery companies for their salary and compensation packages.




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