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Pickup Truck в Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ
Pickup Truck
Released 05 February 2024
We offer:New pickup trucks ⁄ 2024Stable goods (4 weeks of work\ 1 week off) Geography of work: All US states Payment:35/40/ 42% of gross after fuel deduction24/7 Dispatcher supportTimely maintenance Training an More..
California and other 17
Released 11 October 2023
Requirements: With experience on a pickup Truck Over 30 years English Language Availability of American DL (plastic more than 1 year) Clear record Experience in servicing equipment Preferably in California Cond More..
California and other 25
Oops. Unfortunately, these are all the offers in this location Newark, NJ. Don't be upset! You can always check out the listings in this location New Jersey
Released 29 January 2024
$6000 - $10000 In a week
От нас:35-40% от ГроссаЗарплата стабильно и вовремя, каждую неделю.Траки только Ford 2021-24 год.Поддержка диспетчеров 24/7Полное и своевреиенное обслуживание техники, чтобы вы ехали, а не стояли на ремонте.Все More..
California and other 14
Released 29 January 2024
The truck company invites From us: $1 - $6000 - 30% $6001-$8000 - 35% $8001 or more - 40% Log book with support and personal assistant 24/7 dispatcher support New equipment for 2022 2024. Minimum contract 6 mo More..
California and other 9
Released 10 January 2024
У нас есть 6 свободных мест для качественной работы с овнер-операторами. (ГРУЗИМ ТОЛЬКО ОТКРЫТЫЕ ТРОЙКИ-ПЯТЕРКИ).Наш приоритет — долгосрочное, надежное сотрудничество! Предоставляем:88% от гросса!Условия б More..
Florida and other 6
Released 20 December 2023
Don't waste your time with fly-by-night companies We have an absolutely legal process at all stages! And now with the additional opportunity to study at CDL school for pickups! Call us today and we'll answer al More..
California and other 28
Released 26 January 2024
$7000 - $12000 In a week
We invite Pickup Truck owners to cooperate. For those who want to become a truck owner, we help with financing We provided: Approximate gross $7000-$12000 and up 24/7 services Qualified dispenschers w More..
California and other 17
Released 24 January 2024
$8000 - $13000 In a week
We also provide an opportunity to buy your own truck in installments and become an owner operator! You must be: Drivers aged 25 and over Trustworthy Workable Responsible Have a valid US license The best cond More..
California and other 22
Released 30 January 2024
$7000 In a week
Yard and SHAP at Ohare airport ChicagoExperienced dispatchersFuel cardsPaid trainingOur own Shop and Yard located in Chicago We pay 40% -45% of net profitFrom 25 years of age with minimal English language profi More..
California and other 24
Released 20 November 2023
Work experience at the Open Threes is welcomeWe provide free trainingCall us during office hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
California and other 9
Released 01 February 2024
$2000 In a week
Тракинговая компания TGS Carriers LLC (более 5-ти лет на рынке, более 100 траков) нанимает на работу водителей для работы на пикап траке и открытом трейлере по территории США (кархолер на три машины).Требования More..
Florida and other 8
Released 14 February 2024
$7000 - $10000 In a week
Условия для водителей:От 35% До 40% от Гросс после вычета tolls and fuelТопливные картаELD поддержка24/7 dispatch and ManagerПрофессиональные диспетчерыПолная поддержка для водителейРегулярное техническое обслу More..
New York and other 1
Released 09 February 2024
$9000 - $12000 In a week
We have the best conditions on the market: 93% from gross for your MC and DOT, 88% for MC and DOT companies. Weekly Grosses 9-12k 10% dispatch fee ️ The most experienced dispatchers on the market, only the bes More..
California and other 15
Released 30 January 2024
Pickup - truck, open three! Grosses are higher than the average in the market!Only with experience!!!For more information, please contact the phone number!
California and other 13
Released 23 January 2024
We help with accommodation For all questions, please call the phone number!
California and other 17
Released 15 December 2023
$7000 - $12000 In a week
For those who want to become a truck owner, we help with financing! We provide: Breakdown assistance Fuel card Maintenance discount First week 100% of gross Referral bonus +1% of gross For those who want to bec More..
California and other 14
Released 30 January 2024
We offer: 0.45 cpm, for full and empty miles, International 2020 truck Requirements : DL work permits experience is welcome, but also possible without experience For more information, call the number.
California and other 12
Released 11 January 2024
$1500 - $3000 In a week
We need responsible guys. We go everywhere! We provide all drivers with professional training Requirements: From 25 years of age Availability of American DL Basic English Any corner of continental America Condi More..
California and other 15
Released 06 February 2024
Conditions: Basic English 3-4 weeks on the road, 1 week at home A brand new truck is available with i-shift transmission Light loader 80-foot trailer, quixspinz, truck package b, loading lights 28-30% GROSS SAF More..
California and other 9
Released 06 February 2024
Low-loader trailers, 2-axle, with hydraulic brakes, 2023 The cars are brand new, Ford F-350. The cars are equipped with everything necessary for the driver to work and relax. Fill out the form to contact us!
Florida and other 3

What do you need to know about working on a Pickup truck?


When working on a pickup truck, there are several important aspects to consider. Here are some general points to keep in mind:

  • Basic knowledge: Familiarize yourself with the make and model of the pickup truck you'll be working on. Understand the specific components, systems, and features of that particular vehicle.

  • Maintenance and repairs: Learn about routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations, and brake inspections. Understand how to troubleshoot and diagnose common issues, and when to seek professional help.

  • Tools and equipment: Build a collection of essential tools for working on vehicles, including a socket set, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and a jack and jack stands for lifting the truck safely. Additionally, consider specialized tools that may be required for specific tasks.

  • Safety precautions: Prioritize safety while working on a pickup truck. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and safety glasses. Use proper lifting techniques and ensure the truck is securely supported before working underneath it.

  • Documentation and resources: Keep a service manual or repair guide specific to your pickup truck model. It will provide detailed instructions and diagrams for various repairs and maintenance procedures. Online forums and communities can also be valuable sources of information and support.

  • Community Engagement: Join relevant groups and communities on platforms like Facebook and Telegram that cater to the Russian-speaking diaspora and local business groups in the USA. Participate actively in discussions, ask questions, and share your experiences.

  • Job Opportunities: Social networks can be a great avenue for discovering job openings shared by fellow immigrants who have established their businesses in the USA. Networking with like-minded individuals can potentially lead to job offers or connections to job opportunities within their networks.

  • Practical Tips: Engaging with other "new Americans" on social networks can provide you with practical tips and advice for various aspects of life in the USA. You can seek guidance on finding housing.


What is the Pickup truck driver's salary?

The salary of a pickup truck driver can vary depending on several factors, including location, experience, company size, and industry. Generally, pickup truck drivers are categorized as heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, although some may specifically work with smaller pickup trucks.

According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2023, the median annual wage for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers was approximately $95,000. However, it's important to note that this figure represents the median salary for all truck drivers and includes various types of trucks, not just pickup trucks.

Salaries can vary significantly based on the driver's experience and the region they work in. Some pickup truck drivers may be employed by large shipping companies, while others may work as independent contractors or for smaller businesses. Independent owner-operators often earn a percentage of the revenue generated by their trucking services, which can lead to higher incomes but also carry additional expenses.


It's worth mentioning that these figures are based on data from the United States and may not reflect salary ranges in other countries. Additionally, economic factors, industry demand, and other variables can influence the salary range for pickup truck drivers.


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