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How to Become a Blog Author?

How to Become a Blog Author?

The blog is written by people who live and work in the USA. You must agree that personal experience is the best material to talk about life and living in America. If you have something to share with our readers, we invite you to become a member of our friendly community. Do you want to establish yourself as an author and find new friends, colleagues, or clients? The first step is to write a guest article.

Our readership includes immigrants from Eastern Europe who have been living in America for a long time, as well as those who are planning to move here for permanent residence. The information portal is a well-known bulletin board where you can find:

  • A job and a place to live 

  • Specialist business services 

  • Helpful tips for life's most difficult situations

ImportantPublishing an article is an excellent way to promote yourself. In addition to posting it on the blog, we promote it on social networks and include it in our mailing list. We also create a personal page for the author with links to their social networks, blog, or company website. Please read the instructions to ensure our cooperation is mutually beneficial for both parties.

What Topics Are We Interested In?

Write about what you think is most important to you, what you know best. Our readers are interested in the specifics of life in the US. Their attention will be drawn to a personal story about how someone found a second homeland. This could include: 

  • The experience of starting your own business in the US

  • Difficulties in finding housing and employment

  • Training and professional development

  • Language learning

  • Obtaining citizenship, etc.

Material Requirements: 

  1. The article should not be posted on other online resources. 

  2. Content should be relevant to the theme of the site. 

  3. Supplement the material with a vivid title and an introductory paragraph that summarizes the essence of what is written. Break up the main text with subheadings. 

  4. The length of the article can be any, but it should be sufficient to fully cover the topic.

  5. Humor is welcome.

Important When writing your article, consider the people who will read it. How will they benefit from reading it, and will they be able to put your advice into practice? 

What Does Publishing on a Blog Do for the Author? 

It offers a great opportunity for creative fulfillment, expanding personal contacts, and finding like-minded people. Additionally, it enables posting on social networks, Telegram messenger, and emailing our readers.

Where Do I Send Publications?

Send your submissions to the email address [email protected] with the subject line "I want to become an author of" Please accompany the finished article with a short biography and a list of topics you plan to cover in the future. The review process takes 5-10 working days. If the text meets our standards, our managers will contact you to discuss the terms of cooperation and answer all your questions.

My comment:

By sharing my opinion, I help others 💚

Это поле обязательное
Это поле обязательное

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Стас Reply

Привіт я шукаю роботу в сфері механік я проживаю в Кенті я без опыта но швидко вчусь Reply

Вітаємо. Переглянути актуальні вакансії у вашій сфері ви можете за посиланням:

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