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Employees in Medford, MA

Medford, MA
30 September 2023

Looking for a job in Stoughton, Massachusetts

I have a legal status with a Green Card. I will consider all offers - call us!
Oops. Unfortunately, these are all the offers in this location Medford, MA. Don't be upset! You can always check out the listings in this location Boston, MA
14 October 2023

Andrei - Engineer

Worked with various equipment: telephone exchanges, modems, routers, set-top boxes, optical modems and devices, wireless communication equipment. Setting up equipment via PC, laptop and mobile devices. I was a More..
19 September 2023

I am looking for any job

My name is Aoues, I recently moved to the US on a green card, I have all the necessary documents for work, my driver's license is in progress. I have experience: a forklift driver in construction in installing More..
16 September 2023

To help the hostess

Any minor household chores including repairs. I'm always happy to help.
05 October 2022

I am looking for a job at Paralegal in the field of migration law

Lawyer with experience in Russia. I am looking for a job as a paralegal in the field of migration law. English Upper Intermediate. Willingness to work. There is a great desire to develop in migration law. Resp More..
03 October 2022

I'm looking for a job for cash

I'm looking for a job in Boston for cash. I'm 38 years old and I'm from the Russian Federation. Documents in progress. At home, she worked as a restaurant director. Higher pedogogic education. I can work as a More..
02 October 2022

Looking for a job

Good afternoon! About myself: He worked in Ukraine at the service station. He also repaired motorcycles. work experience 5 years. Studied at a motor transport college. I am in Canada on the CUAET program. I wa More..
20 September 2022

I am looking for a live-in job

My name is Oksana, I am 47 years old and came from Russia two months ago. I am looking for a live-in job. I would be happy to hear from you.
01 September 2022

Looking for a job

I can work in the kitchen (peel vegetables, some preparations), take care of the elderly, and babysitter (without accommodation). The town of Braintree and nearby towns. I don't have a car, but there are subwa More..
30 August 2022

I am looking for a job in logistics

A young, hard-working, energetic girl living in Manhattan is looking for a job in the logistics industry. She has a higher education, and she also took dispatcher courses in the United States at Dispatch 42 Sch More..
15 August 2022

I am looking for a job as a nanny, housekeeper or caring for the elderly

I can help you do laundry and cooking around the house. Shrewsbury, Framingham, Worcester.
12 August 2022

I am looking for a job caring for the elderly

I am looking for a job in Boston as a caregiver with or without accommodation, I have experience, a citizen, good recommendations.
01 August 2022

I am looking for a job at the site

I have little experience in the field of auto repair, worked with car suspension for 4 months.
09 July 2022

Looking for a babysitting job

I am looking for a live-in babysitting job from August-September Positive, responsible, kind, I love children and know how to organize quality time
23 May 2022

I am looking for a job as a nanny/housekeeper for a Russian-speaking family

I live in Lexington, Boston, Massachusetts. There's a car. I will consider any suggestions. About me: higher pedagogical education, Russian and Ukrainian languages (I can work as a tutor), responsible, punctua More..
13 May 2022

Looking for a job

Man 53 is looking for work clean driver's license, construction experience. Cash.
20 April 2022

Looking for a job as a nanny, housekeeper or house cleaning

I recently came to the United States, my knowledge of English is poor. About me: I am 27 years old, responsible, friendly, clean, and able to find an approach to children. She graduated from the Pedagogical Un More..
08 April 2022

I am looking for a care job

I have experience and recommendations, and I am a US citizen. Call us!
05 April 2022

Looking for a job

First time in Boston. A former sailor, hands are growing from the right place. Ukraine.
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