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Our extensive experience in international trade helps us to deliver premium trade finance solutions, expert advice, and direct access to a strong global network.

We have SWIFT capability allowing for efficient, reliable, and fast transmission of secure financial messages across the globe.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Products:

  • Letters of Credit at Sight;
  • Usance Letters of Credit;
  • Standby Letters of Credit;
  • Bank Guarantees;
  • Performance Guarantees;
  • Demand Guarantees;
  • POF and BOF Messages;
  • Pre-Advice Message;
  • Comfort Letters;
  • Ready Willing and Able (RWA) Messages.

Documents Required:

  • Filled in application form for Applicant and Beneficiary Information (Application Form Attached);
  • Verbiage required in the instrument for SBLC & BG (If any) / Proforma Invoice for DLC;
  • Trade license of main Applicant;
  • Passport copy of main Applicant.

After acquiring all the above documents / information, we will select the issuing bank / financial institution and finalize the draft for your review.

Upon receiving the draft copy of the instrument, you must thoroughly review the draft for any corrections, additions, or removal of information. Should there be any amendments, we can amend the draft accordingly to match your preferences. Once the draft is approved, you will need to send us a copy of the draft with a sign and stamp on it as your approval.

We will raise the invoice for the agreed charges (charges include margin money, processing fee and professional charges) and provide the indemnity agreement which secure both parties. You will make the payment against the invoice and sign the agreement.

Only after we receive the payment for the raised invoice, and signed indemnity agreement, the Issuing Bank / Financial Institution will issue and relay the instrument through swift within 48-96 hours after remittance.

Simultaneously we will send you the issued copy through email for your reference and record.

Important Note.

Our fees depend on each transaction, considering the value, validity, which bank it is going and who will be the issuer. We require an application form or Proforma Invoice to understand the deal, only then we can give you a proper cost to it.

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Leading Financial Service
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