From June1, a manager with a residence in a multi-room apartment on the Hollywood is wanted. This is not a hostel, here everyone lives for a long time, a few months at least. No multi-storey beds, and rooms for 8 people, everyone feels like home here.

What we give:
Accommodation with a discount ($500 per month, usual price is $800-900);
$30 for each guest settled by you;
-% of each guest you found (this is optional, it is not the manager’s responsibility to look for guests).

What do you have to do:
0-3 times a month settle a new guest (clean out in his place, make up bed linens, contact by phone, meet, give keys, tell what’s what);
0-4 times a month to show the apartment to potential guests;
to be in touch with guests, to help them;
Keep the place clean. Wash the floor in your room, corridor, kitchen and bathroom, clean up there. Cleaning of their rooms and public spaces (bathroom, kitchen) is on a guests, but they sometimes forgot about. Your task is to make the result clean. How it will be achieved is up to you. If you want, remind the guests about cleanig or you can clean yourself. Cleanliness is the area of ​​your responsibility.

Necessary qualities:
Fluent conversational English;
Only guys;
Ability to communicate with people;
General adequacy (ability to avoid conflicts, politeness, understanding of the essence of the work).
Write me FB or on +1 (424) 382-2623