Job description

Clinical laboratory technologist means a clinical laboratory practitioner who, pursuant to established and approved protocols of the department of health, performs clinical laboratory procedures and examinations and any other tests or procedures conducted by a clinical laboratory, including maintaining equipment and records, and performing quality assurance activities related to examination performance, and which require the exercise of independent judgment and responsibility, as determined by the department.

Perform and report results on a variety of analytical tests and procedures of patient specimen samples according to established laboratory policies and procedures


  • Demonstrates knowledge and perform tests in one or more of the laboratory subspecialties, e.g. chemistry, immunology, microbiology, or hematology
  • Demonstrates ability to coordinate multiple tasks with precision and flexibility to provide accurate and precise test results within the minimum turnaround time established for the laboratory
  • Operates various laboratory instruments involved in specimen testing and result reporting including performing all required quality control tests per shift or as necessary
  • Follows the laboratory procedures for specimen handling and processing, test analysis, reporting and maintaining records for patient test results
  • Performs qualitative and quantitative tests and examinations using various analyzers and/or manual methods on specimen sources such as blood, urine, and other body fluids using established procedures
  • Identifies problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and either corrects the problem or immediately notifies the lead laboratory technologist
  • Follow the laboratory established corrective action policy and procedure, whenever test system is not within the laboratory’s established acceptable levels of performance
  • Performs established quality assurance procedures (quality control testing, instrument function checks and calibrations), maintains appropriate documentation and reports irregularities
  • Documents all quality control activities, instrument procedural calibrations, and maintenance performed
  • Adheres and complies with laboratory infection control policies and procedures
  • Actively participates in ongoing testing with the standards of accrediting agencies. Maintains records that demonstrate proficiency testing samples were tested in the same manner as a patient specimen sample
  • Participate in the laboratory’s quality assurance and improvement program
  • Assesses the accuracy and validity of obtained test results by applying knowledge of relevant scientific principles, recognizes changes that are critical to patient care, and identifies probable cause for irregular and atypical findings
  • Performs required maintenance of equipment and performs troubleshooting procedures necessary to correct situations
  • Maintains records of tests and examinations and final results for all record functions and inquiries related to patient care
  • Prepare reports assigned by the supervisor or manager
  • Troubleshoots instruments and resolves technical problems whenever possible, documents corrective action, and reports problems to the supervisor
  • Train newly hired personnel when necessary
  • Check inventory levels to maintain stock when needed


  • New York State licensure
  • ASCP Certification highly recommended

COVID-19 Considerations: Protective gear is provided to all employees.

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