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Job Summary: 

  • To works with glass and glass substitutes.

  • Cutting, installing and removing glass of all kinds.

  • Install glass into things such as windows, doors, displays, storefronts and skylights, closets etc.

  • Additionally to install sashes, moldings, capping and secure them with a variety of fasteners.

  • Coordinate with office regarding schedule.

Supervisory Responsibilities 

  • To do estimate and provide with valid measurements and job scope.

  • To prepare required materials for the project.

  • To determinate project labor and  timing.

  • To complete project within the schedule.

  •  To communicate with superior regarding projects and to give feedback.


  • Follow company SOP.

  • To press buttons OMW/START/FINISH in timely manner

  • To do valid measurements and be able to draw and place an order with suppliers.

  • Set glass doors into frames and bolt metal hinges, locks, handles and other hardware to attach doors to frames and walls using a level.

  • Install pre-assembled wood or metal frameworks for doors and windows before glass panel installation using hand tools.

  • Cut, put together, measure or install metal frames and enclosures for glass panels in various areas and structures, including bathtubs, showers, display cases, solariums and skylights.

  • Read and understand blueprints and specifications to know necessary work details, including color, shape, size, type and thickness of glass to be installed, framing location, procedures for installation and any scaffolding or other staging items needed before beginning work.

  • Cut and remove old and broken glass before installing replacement glass.

  • Pack loose areas between glass panels and molding or frames with glazing compound, and trim excess material with a glazing knife.

  • Lift, hold and secure glass panels and mirrors into position with putty, cement, screws or bolts.

  • Measuring, cutting and fitting anti-glare film to glass if required.

  • Measure and cut the glass to ensure it meets the client’s specifications.

  • Drive trucks to work locations and unload tools and equipment, and use suction cups or cranes to lift out glass panels.

  • Fabricating and installing moldings/cappings for glass/window installation.

  • Cleaning the job area once glass has been installed and the client is satisfied.

  • To do sales and upsell project.

  • Familiarize self with and follow the policies and regulations of OSHA

Glazier Requirements:

  • Ability to deal with stressful situations.

  • To have valid driver's license.

  • Ability to lift heavy objects.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Professional appearance.

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New York
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Строительство | Архитектура | Ремонт

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