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Упс. К сожалению, это все предложения в локации St. Louis, MO. Не расстраивайтесь! Вы всегда можете посмотреть объявления в локацииMissouri

We need retail store managers in McPherson, Hannibal, Hutchinson, and Little Falls (Kansas). The ideal candidate will have the ability to manage the daily operations of the retail store and complete tasks related to inventory tracking, marketing, and customer service. They should be a confident salesperson and be able to share their best practices in order to onboard new employees. This candidate should also possess strong leadership skills and be able to assign duties to relevant employees in order to maintain the function of the store. Terms and Conditions: -Work on a full-time basis. -Competitive pay ($42,000 per year + bonus opportunities) - Generous Employee Discount -medical insurance Candidate Requirements: - Ability to work in the store; - At least 18 years of age; - 1 year of relevant management experience; - Willingness to pass a background check, drug screen; - Allowed to work in the U.S.; - Work 50 hours per week; - Ability to build and lead a team; - Strong analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills; - Experience with technology, including the use of a computer or tablet. Responsibilities: -Interview, hire, train, schedule, and motivate my team; - Supervise all store operations; - Maintain staffing levels, payroll calculations. If you have any questions, contact us.

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