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Дата рождения: 07.07.1985

My name is [Stanislav Kolohoida], and for many years, I have worked as a Senior Procurement Engineering Manager and also held a key role as a CEO at KAUFI. As a Senior Procurement Engineering Manager, my role focused on the development and oversight of procurement mechanisms, ensuring efficient collaboration with suppliers, closely monitoring resource turnover, and actively participating in process monitoring. Within this position, I was also responsible for implementing innovative changes in the procurement policy while adhering to all existing norms and legislation.

My responsibilities also included the analysis and improvement of procurement procedures, the development of guiding documents, procedures, and templates to ensure their continuous alignment with procurement management objectives. Furthermore, I actively worked on identifying and resolving emerging issues impacting service delivery efficiency and made key management decisions within my delegation of authority.

Building strong relationships with internal stakeholders, including consultants, senior management teams, and executives, was also a part of my role, contributing to effective collaboration. I specialized in creating documentation for the import and export of goods, strictly following relevant regulations and protocols. I also played an active role in commercial and government tenders, covering the entire tender process comprehensively. Developing extensive tender documentation, both as a resident and non-resident, based on a deep understanding of industry requirements and legal standards, was one of my responsibilities. In the field of procurement management, I also conducted detailed analysis of auctions, proposals, and competitors, using the insights gained for strategic planning and informed decision-making. My active engagement in auctions contributed to increased competitiveness and process efficiency. Facilitating successful collaborations with numerous manufacturing companies, including partners from Ukraine, Moldova, EU countries, China, India, Denmark, Switzerland, the USA, and Australia, complemented my duties. In my role as CEO, I led a team that aimed to achieve long-term goals of asset safety, reliability, and availability. Within this position, I created and maintained a constructive team culture by demonstrating, modeling, and utilizing appropriate leadership behaviors, techniques, and systems. I established performance measures and plans to improve the performance of direct reports, as well as support the team's individual growth. I identified and anticipated project-related business risks to ensure appropriate controls were implemented and maintained throughout the project's life.

Providing technical support to Project Managers and Site Managers, I monitored asset reliability as a major stakeholder. I also identified and implemented continuous improvements for inefficient work processes to increase the productivity of the team and broader business processes. I delivered accurate and timely reporting on the team's productivity and issues arising in a proactive and timely manner, providing control strategies where required. Working with Project Managers and Site Managers, I coordinated activities with all interfacing up-stream and down-stream teams to ensure effective transitions and constructive interactions. I successfully established and led the tender department, sales department, and supply and logistics department. I effectively managed the company and expanded it into wholesale trade and the international market, resulting in significant revenue growth within one year of my tenure. My multifaceted experience and skills in procurement management, tenders, and technical aspects will enable me to make an effective contribution to your organization and achieve set goals.

I aim to find employment in Australia or the United States, whether on a work visa or through a contract, either fully remote or with the possibility of relocation. Encompass diverse Industries, including:

  • Supplying products for the defense industry, including components for armored vehicles and aviation.

  • The cable industry, involving the selection and delivery of specialized conductors to various sectors, such as military, aviation, aerospace, maritime, heavy industry, and more.

  • Electronic components, automation systems, low-voltage, and high-voltage equipment. Selecting and delivering industrial machinery, induction and melting furnaces, metalworking machines, and metal 3D printers.

  • Agricultural machinery, equipment, and production organization. Supplying building materials to construction sites.

Possess additional skills, including: Proficiently reading and designing diagrams and schematics for production automation, electrical cabinets, and communication line schemes. Interpreting engineering drawings for mechanics, machines, metal structures, and more.

Mastery of basic applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as specialized software like KOMPAS 3D, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Altium Designer and graphic applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I have all the necessary authorizations and open accounts in Europe to work in this capacity.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, and I would be delighted to share my resume and details on how I can become a part of your team. Best regards, Stanislav Kolohoida.

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