First thing to mention — I can work not only in the office, depends on the offer. My English is very good, Russian medium level. I got good communication skills. Proficient with computer, Microsoft Word, Excel, research, etc. I am a fast learner — I can work with specific programs too through short training. I am detail oriented, very attentive and punctual, with high sense of responsibility. I am also open to learn new professions. As I’ve mentioned above, I am a fast learner.

I have applied driving license and passed permit test. I will get license soon. I got 4 year experience of clean driving. I still can drive here, because I have a license from my homeland, which is valid till February. I do not have SSN yet, working about it. I do have B1/B2 Visa now, valid till February. I can work only on cash. I do live in Brooklyn, but can work other boroughs also. Female.