Murtazin Farit.
Male, 45 years, born on 5 October 1976.
Reside in: New York.
Citizenship: Russian Federation.
Ready for business trips.
Desired position and salary.
Lawyer, assistant lawyer.
Specializations: Legal counsel

Employment: part time, full time.
Work schedule: flexible schedule, full day, rotation based work
travel time to work.

Work experience: 26 years 11 months

June 2018, 4 years 1 month
-Moscow bar Association
-Legal assistance on a preliminary basis on criminal cases.
-Legal assistance.

February 2010 — March 2018
-8 years 2 months
-ICA TOAP Tula Regional Advocate
-Provision of legal assistance in criminal cases, defense during preliminary investigation, participation in court hearings, including appealing against sentences.
-I specialize in criminal cases. I specialize in criminal cases. I advise clients.

April 1997 — October 2010
-13 years 7 months
-Ulyanovsk Regional Chamber of Advocates
-Legal assistance to suspects, accused and convicted in criminal cases.

April 1995 — January 1997
-1 year 10 months-Department of Internal Affairs of the Ulyanovsk region
-District police inspector
-Federal Law on the Police

Education: Higher
-1992 TASHSU, Tashkent State University named after V.I. Lenin
jurisprudence, jurisprudence, lawyer
-2018 Centre de la protectione internatijnale Protection of the rights of civil activists and journalists in Russia.

Key skills.
Languages Russian — Native.
English — A1 — Basic.

Additional information about me:
-Driver’s license — Category B, car
-MS Office
-The Internet