✅ Advanced SQL and PL/SQL skills
✅ Experience working with large amounts of data
✅ SQL query optimization skill
✅ Experience in database design (tables, keys, indexes, clusters, views, etc.)
✅ Development in PL SQL (functions, procedures, packages, triggers, types, pipeline and object functions), code support
✅ Algorithm analysis
✅ Basic knowledge of Python (you can automate routine tasks)
✅ Experience working with MPP DBMS (Greenplum, Vertica, Teradata, Clickhouse)
✅ Experience in programming in Delphi *.*, knowledge of ADO, OOP (know and be able to use), MS SQL Server, Transact SQL (requires experience in writing queries).
✅ Sociability and independence (ability and desire to work with people and solve problems)
✅ Experience working in access 2003