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BookkeepingAccurate and timely bookkeeping is essential for all businesses. Bookkeepers handle tasks like accounts payable, accounts receivable, income and expense reporting, bank reconciliations, and maintaining the general ledger. They ensure transactions are recorded properly, and financial records are complete and up-to-date.Bookkeeping services provided by staff accountantsRecording Financial Transactions: The bookkeeping department records daily financial transactions, including sales, purchases, receipts, and payments, in the organization's accounting system. This involves categorizing transactions and posting them to the appropriate accounts, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger accounts.Managing Accounts Receivable: The bookkeeping department is responsible for managing the accounts receivable process, including issuing invoices, tracking customer payments, following up on outstanding balances, and reconciling discrepancies.Managing Accounts Payable: The bookkeeping department handles the accounts payable process, which involves reviewing and processing vendor invoices, ensuring timely payment, and reconciling vendor statements.Bank Reconciliation: Bookkeepers perform bank reconciliations to ensure that the organization's financial records accurately reflect the bank statement. This process includes comparing transactions in the accounting system to bank statements, identifying discrepancies, and investigating any outstanding items.Financial Reporting: The department prepares and generates various financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and financial ratios. The financial reports provide leaders with insights into the organization's financial health and facilitate decision-making.Payroll Processing: Staff accountants process payroll, ensuring accurate and timely payment to employees. This process includes calculating salaries, deducting taxes and other withholdings, processing payroll taxes, and issuing pay stubs.Tax Preparation and Compliance: They assist with tax preparation by gathering and organizing financial data required for tax filings. More importantly, they ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations, including timely submission of tax payments and reporting.Financial Record Maintenance: Bookkeepers maintain financial records and documentation to ensure they are properly organized and easily accessible for audits, reviews, and other financial analysis purposes. They may also implement record retention policies to comply with legal requirements.Internal Controls: The staff helps establish and maintain internal controls to safeguard the organization's assets, prevent fraud, and ensure accurate financial reporting. This includes implementing segregation of duties, reconciling accounts, and conducting periodic internal audits.Software and Systems Management: They also make the decisions regarding which accounting software (such as QuickBooks or Xero) to implement. They may also assist with the setup, configuration, and maintenance of accounting systems and software.Collaboration with Other Departments: Staff accountants collaborate with other departments, such as the finance department, to provide financial information, resolve discrepancies, and support budgeting and financial analysis processes.Continuous Improvement: Bookkeepers stay updated on industry trends, regulations, and advancements in bookkeeping practices. They continuously enhance their skills and knowledge to improve efficiency and accuracy in their work.
West to East Business Solutions (WEBS) has a team of experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds as CFOs and controllers in various industries and both private and public sectors.You'll gain access to our collective financial and accounting expertise, with a dedicated point of contact person who will diligently analyze your financial data on a regular basis.List of Outsourced Services: Fractional CFO; Controller; Bookkeeping; Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting statements - Budgeting; Forecasting; Valuation; Financial statement preparation - Financial reports; Business Consulting; Bill paying services; Sales Taxes; Business management; Human Resources; Payroll; Accounting assistance - HR - Business Consulting. We are your strategic partner who provides customized accounting solutions where you need them most while giving you leading-edge accounting. You will have an entire accounting department for a fraction of the cost of a full-time accountant. Industry Experts we work with: Construction; Engineering; Solar Companies; Computer; General Business; Private Networks; Health care / Medical; Computer Software; Lawyers; Computer / IT Services; Professional Services; Nonprofit; Contracting; Energy / Utilities; Insurance - eCommerce. Legal Accounting & Finance
Компания Finel Tax and Accounting оказывает широкий спектр бухгалтерских услуги. Помощь в ведении бухгалтерии, подсчетах налогов, заполнении налоговых деклараций на высоком профессиональном уровне.
Финикс, Аризона, офис HR Block, работает русскоязычный налоговый консультант! Подача налоговых деклараций для физических лиц и для предпринимателей. Финансовые гарантии от старейшей и крупнейшей в США налоговой фирмы. Приходите в офис по адресу: 5555 N 7th St Ste 120, Phoenix, AZ 85014 в удобное для вас время или забронируйте встречу по телефону! Говорим по-русски и по-английски. Ваш налоговый консультант: Ольга
About West to East Business Solutions As a boutique outsourcing firm, we understand that each business has its own unique needs and challenges. Your unique organizational needs are essential to design and develop a customized outsourcing solution. West to East Business Solutions offers a consultative approach to designing the best outsourcing solution for your business. By learning about your organizational goals and objectives, we can design responsive, strategic, and appropriate programs that align with your business’s distinctive needs. Our customized approach to outsourcing is why our clients find our partnership to be sound and reliable. The solutions we present are tailored for your organization, ensuring you receive only the services you need when you need them. Our approach to outsourcing ensures that your organization does not waste valuable time and money on unnecessary services. What We Do Accounting is more than just sending invoices out, paying bills, distributing a weekly paycheck, and producing financial statements. If managed correctly, a strong financial infrastructure can help you navigate countless regulations and legal pitfalls. It can reduce overhead, increase profitability, and improve productivity as well as be used as a pivotal, strategic business tool that helps you recruit better employees and motivate them to achieve more while building an invaluable sense of loyalty and trust. We are your strategic partner who provides customized accounting solutions where you need them most while giving you leading-edge accounting. You will have an entire accounting department for a fraction of the cost of a full-time accountant. CFO/Controller If you already have an accounting team and are in need of someone to overlook the department and help take you to the next level - West to East has the perfect solution for you. Our founder and CEO, Nadia Conn, has extensive experience in the corporate world where she worked as a CFO or Controller of the Accounting Department. She can accurately and efficiently produce financial, forecasting, and budgeting statements, coordinate upcoming audits, develop bank and lender relationships, and manage an entire accounting department. Senior Accountant Regardless of the size and type of your business, a Senior Accountant can help ease your workload and greatly reduce stress related to maintaining your books. A professional accountant can easily ensure your company's accounting is accurate and well-organized. Senior Accountants coordinate with Staff Accountants to accurately prepare tax return data and provide account analysis, month-end closing, etc. CFO, Senior Accountants, and Staff Accountants of West to East Business Solutions take a team approach in serving their clients. Staff Accounting Having your books in perfect order is a must for the successful growth and future of your business. Staff Accountants work tirelessly to maintain accurate records by keeping track of accounts payables, accounts receivables, payroll, journal entries, inventory, and much more. Here at West to East Business Solutions we are happy to assist you with any level of accounting. You can work directly with one of our experienced accountants to help you with bookkeeping tasks or we can provide you with an entire accounting or finance team. Your success is of utmost importance to us!

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